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Perfect Match review: Sugar, spice and everyone’s not that nice

Perfect Match is your perfect binge watch.

Perfect Match review: Sugar, spice and everyone’s not that nice
Perfect Match.

Last Updated: 11.25 PM, Mar 06, 2023



Various boys and girls come together to find their ‘perfect match.’ Are they somewhere around?


Perfect Match is a show that brings singles from various reality shows together. Or as one contestant Joey calls his friend Chase, a massive douchebag. They all are exactly that. Very rarely do you find matured people on this show and when they exist, you can guess, they get out.

If Francesca is a part of a reality show, she becomes the highlight of it instantly. Perfect Match is no different. She’s the focus more than once for reasons that should be less than one but are plenty.

She catches the eye of every guy. Every boy out there wants her. She becomes the perfect woman, till the girl leaves her man for the next and she leaves the next guy for a girl, only to go back and then be confused whether she wants to date her ex’s frenemy! Phew, Francesca, decide!

Creep is the constant theme when it comes to the boys on Perfect Match. There’s only two men who will catch your eye. One is Joey, who isn’t perfect but has found his match from the get-go. They are so comfortable around one another that they can be themselves in the group and not so much as glance at any other player on the show.

The other is Dom who is here to build something from the scratch rather than jumping the bed. His unwavering loyalty for his woman is something that you will definitely fall in love with.

Nick, once a mastermind in The Circle, is back and he has a game in mind this time too. It kind of involves going after Shayne (Love Is Blind)’s girls. Did that work out for him? Not really? Did he get what he wanted from the show? Partially.

Nonetheless, Nick gets to play cupid. He turns ‘chaotic cupid’ with Savannah at the very beginning of the show. This cupid manages to successfully stir some chaos. “Friends” Joey and Chase, chase one girl – Kariselle. This leads to a matured talk between the boys and what do you know, she has picked her man till the last day! He has picked her too and despite his commitment issues, agrees for a wedding (the aww moment lasted briefly since they are not together after the show).

Wondering what is missing? A catfight! That happens on the show early on as well. To top it up, it was all about double standards for one of them involved.

Chase is searching for his Perfect Match but he cannot find even a star in the sky. Not to anybody’s surprise though, since he jumps from one boat to the next, not caring if he’ll end up sinking during the jump. And he does sink, right up till the end.

When you talk about bad boys, how can Shayne and Bartise (Love Is Blind) be left behind? They each be a part of the show at some point. At the end, though, Shayne finds his perfect match. That too is not without hiccups and Shayne being Shayne. Nonetheless, Chloe and Shayne, who bond from the word go, hit it off, except for their brief break (her ex-boyfriend Mitchell enters the show) and now (after the show) break-up.

Perfect Match shows a new side to the timid Damian. He has something new to offer and brings a lot of spice to the show which could be rated U before that. With his move, Perfect Match turns into Too Hot To Handle.

After some awkward, intense, emotional and party moments, comes the finale. Now, everyone has to decide if they have found their perfect match and it is not to stay in the game. Thus, couples form and one will be declared the perfect match. Who is that? Find out.


Perfect Match begins like any other reality show but takes a turn quick enough. It keeps you hooked nonetheless and leaves you with the shocking moments. You get the drama, romance, truth, smiles and a lot more with this show. It wraps up very well too. Thus, Perfect Match is the perfect weekend watch.


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