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Pop Kaun? review: Wholly and solely at the actors' mercy

Synopsis: Jamie Lever gets a special shoutout for playing the quirkiest character along with father Johnny Lever, veteran Saurabh Shukla, and Satish Kaushik.

Pop Kaun? review: Wholly and solely at the actors' mercy

Pop Kaun? Review

Last Updated: 01.56 PM, Mar 17, 2023



Farhad Samji's latest attempt at comedy, Pop Kaun?, stars Saurabh Shukla, Satish Kaushik, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Kunal Kemmu, Chunky Panday, Nupur Sanon, and the hilarious Jamie Lever.


In this comedy-drama show, Kemmu's Sahil finds out that M.P. Brij Kishore Trivedi (Lever) is not his real father. This leads to many hurdles in his marriage with the love of his life, Pihu (Sanon), as her dad (played by Shukla) wants to know the real Pop of her would-be son-in-law.

Sahil goes on a trip to find his real father, which causes a huge amount of chaos and confusion. Being a Samji show, the story doesn't get a smooth but bumpy ride, with the protagonist simultaneously moving left, right, and centre.


Something that has bothered me multiple times is watching the director on screen, and that too a lot of times. Samji plays Johnny Lever's eldest son in this show. Even though his character has nothing much to offer, the filmmaker seems to appear on the screen way too much.

Throughout the series, all you witness is plenty of disorganised sequences that somehow work as the story moves on. The multiple promo videos of Pop Kaun? seem to be rooting for the one-of-a-kind concept of this comedy series. However, you find nothing new but a trademark of Farhad Samji that has already been witnessed in films like Housefull 3 and Entertainment and has not been enjoyed much.

If we talk about the dialogues, most of them feel like forwarded WhatsApp jokes that might have been outdated even for your uncles and aunties.

Even after so many disappointing factors, what makes this over-the-top "comedy" series bearable? It's the actors. Pop Kaun? is wholly and solely a performers' show. From veteran actors to legendary comedians to new-age artists trying their hands at comedy, Samji has definitely won our hearts by showcasing so much talent on one screen.

Watching Johnny Lever, Saurabh Shukla, and the late veteran legend Satish Kaushik in the same shot is a joy in and of itself. It's also a lot of fun to see actors like Rajpal Yadav, Chunky Panday, and Ashwini Kalsekar pull off hilarious comedic timing. The addition of Kumal Kemmu and Nupur Sanon as the leading couple is adorable, as their rare chemistry speaks for itself. Meanwhile, the Kalyug actor's earnest performance shines throughout the series too.

The one and only actor left in this joyful ensemble is Jamie Lever, who definitely earns a special shoutout for playing the quirkiest character of all. From plotting to get the man of her dreams to taking different avatars one by one, the aspiring comedy star is doing plenty of things at once, including mimicking her father (the iconic Johnny Lever), and it's working.


All things said, Farhad Samji's palpable attempt to churn out a great story still failed; however, being completely a performers' show, Pop Kaun? still ought to be watched.

At the same time, movie fans who are looking forward to Hera Pheri 3 should be worried.


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