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Potluck season 2 review: The crazy family is back and they are a joy to watch!

The Shastri family will leave you with happy tears

Potluck season 2 review: The crazy family is back and they are a joy to watch!
Potluck season 2.

Last Updated: 02.35 PM, Feb 26, 2024



The Shastri family is back with some more drama that turns into fun every single time. While breathing every passing day, they also learn to live life to the fullest. Pramila and Prerna, particularly, have some things on their mind that they want to bring to the table.


Potluck season 2 begins by introducing the characters. Senior Shastri aka Govind, played by Jatin Sial, is introduced with a roar. He’s the man of the family who took care of his children and grandchildren all his life, while keeping his life, along with everyone else’s, joyful.

Kitu Gidwani's Pramila is obviously introduced right after. She, too, is tagged a lioness and has an interesting thing to contribute to the story. She changes the story in the first episode itself. Of course, Kitu is a great actor and stands true to her role.

Cyrus Sahukar and Ira Dubey's Vikrant and Akansha are called penguins. They hit it off instantly. Cyrus could do better in his role but Ira is fab.

Harman Singha and Saloni Khanna's Dhruv and Nidhi are honeybees in the story. They are all about professional talks, as always. Harman's confrontation scene works pretty well. He, however, tends to get over. Saloni gets a whole emotional scene which works well in her favour.

Shikha Talsania and Siddhant Karnick as Prerna and Aalim are the peacock and peahen of the jungle called Shastri family. They have their first kiss, which is probably the surprise that got them the tag of peacock and peahen. Their outburst also works pretty well.

There's male bonding and female bonding this time around. Separately. The scenes make for a good watch.

The show gets fun and light, just like last season. It also gets intense while staying true to the theme.


Varun Sood makes a cameo appearance as Jacob on the show this time around. He comes as a surprise but doesn't fit in.

Sonali Sachdev is a hippie mom on the show. Her look and entry will take you back to Tabu from Jawani Jaaneman.

Even though the series tends to lean towards comedy, it can get bizarre in the middle. Thankfully, that is limited to one scenes in all of the eight episodes.

It is safe to say that Pramila is one-of-a-kind and the best out there. Her segment, where she roasts her family members, is one of the biggest highlights of the show and this season.

This show barely disappoints. And when it doesn’t, it gives you memorable small moments.

There's a cute little surprise at the end of the show. It is sure to melt your heart.


If you are looking for a light entertainer to breeze through the day, we promise you, Potluck season 2 should be your pick. This cute family drama will make you laugh, smile and give you hope that there’s more to life even in the saddest moments.

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