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Raanbaazaar part 4 (finale) review: Tejaswini Pandit's web series comes a full circle and there isn't a moment you'd want to miss

Director-actor Abhijit Panse and everyone on the show is at their finest in the finale. Yes, even Anant Jog.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 04.54 AM, Jun 12, 2022

Raanbaazaar part 4 (finale) review: Tejaswini Pandit's web series comes a full circle and there isn't a moment you'd want to miss
Raanbaazaar - Tejaswini Pandit.


Charu Mokashi (Abhijit Panse) finds evidence to know who killed Sayajirao (Mohan Joshi) that night. He discovers something that triggers him once again.


Raanbaazaar part 4 begins with Dr. Mohan Agashe as Satish Naik and as much as we love him, the story moves forward very slowly because of that. Some time into it and you know why the scene was important.

Abhijit Panse as Charu Mokashi is inseparable from 'Ayesha' Tejaswini Pandit. Even though they are worlds apart, there is still some spark between them. The moments between them are too good to miss.

Prajakta Mali is back as Ratna and she has softened up. With this episode at least, you meet her halfway - with the quirky self and her sad situation.

Mokashi has changed a little too but as soon as he brings his old self back, things are back on track. While he is not his badass self to the fullest, it is still pretty enjoyable.

The moment he is conflicted is the highest point in the series. Since this character had a side story going on, that makes this scene even more intense and worth it.

More about his backstory is explored. It isn't something you would expect and so, this moment comes as a pleasant surprise but also one that promises to bring pain.

Anant Jog as Bantya/Raosaheb is here and so is Yusuf Patel (Sachin Khedekar). They appear only in glimpses in the beginning but that is enough to know that they are going to play a huge part soon, which they do. There is so much more happening that you will not be able to breathe as you grasp everything in the series.

Anant has done a fab job at last! Known to be a fine actor anyway, he gets the opportunity to show his talent in the finale episode and it is so worth the wait! Of course, Abhijit steals the show from him but Anant gives the actor-director tough competition which is not an easy feat.

Makrand Deshpande as Appa Divekar is back as the bossman. His swag is completely different from all the characters, which is pretty impressive.

A shocking revelation is made. However, it should not come as a complete shock, since this scenario was always one possibility. However, there is still a twist you did not see coming.

Madhuri Pawar as Taisaheb aka Prerna Patil has a brief but powerful appearance, once again. She makes sure that even if for barely a few minutes, she still steals the show.

Bullying is so casually added to the show. While the scene goes in a smooth flow and actually makes sense because that happens in reality, it hits different when it stems from insecurity.

All that appeared kind of random in the series so far, comes together, by a thin thread. As always, there was a bigger mind at play and so, absolutely nothing in this whole web series is random.

The music in this series is on point as always. There is only a tinge of drama in the music but it tends to lean towards the suspense aspect of the show, which only helps the cause this series wanted to bring forward.

Just when you are hooked to the story the most, this show ends. The end credits are pretty cryptic but convey a clear message - you could be a prostitute from the slums or a high-class escort, eventually, you are just a puppet at the hands of the powerful and the cunning.


Raanbaazaar finale is so worth the time it took. The episode comes a full circle, in a way that you would barely expect it to. It is not your happy ending kind of a show but the real elements and how everything is dealt with, is what makes this series so special. Watch this one without fail.