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Raghava Reddy Review - Siva Kanthamaneni shines in this otherwise routine action drama

Raghava Reddy Review is the latest Telugu action drama that has Siva Kanthamaneni in the lead role. Raasi and Nandita Swetha play lead roles in this film. 

Raghava Reddy Review - Siva Kanthamaneni shines in this otherwise routine action drama

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Last Updated: 09.26 PM, Jan 05, 2024



Raghavareddy (Shiva Kanthanneni) is a college professor who is an expert in solving difficult cases. The cops in his area always take his help to nab criminals time and again. One fine day, a girl named Lucky (Nandita Swetha) joins Raghavareddy's college. She always picks fights with everyone and also got into an altercation with Ragahava Reddy one day. After this incident, she goes missing. Raghava Reddy, who is known to solve cases, is put under immense pressure by Lucky's mother, Devaki (Raasi). How Raghava Reddy nabs the criminals and brings back Lucky is the basic story of the film.


Raghava Reddy has a decent storyline and one instantly gets the feeling that this script would have been apt for our senior Telugu heroes, as there is a strong father-daughter sentiment in the film that will suit their age and image. Ragahava Reddy is made on an honest note and is set up sensibly. 

The makers did not try anything fancy and stuck to the core storyline, which has decent emotions. But it is the presentation that is just about okay. The biggest drawback of the film is the lack of depth in the emotions. In a few areas, things are handled decently but in the rest of the film, they look forced in many areas.

The mother-daughter sentiment between Nandita Swetha and Raasi looks good to a point but is overdone for no reason. Director Sanjeev Megoti takes forever to get into the key aspects of the film. He takes his own sweet time to introduce the characters and this is where the audience gets bored in the first half. If the narration had been a bit crisper and more to the point, the film would have looked a lot better. 

On the other hand, Raasi's character also does not seem strong and her dialogues are also very annoying. There is no depth in Nandita Shweta's character. The story was diverted with unnecessary scenes. Although some action and emotional moments are good in this action and emotional story, interesting elements that hold your attention are missing. 

Srinivasa Reddy and Bitthiri Satthi's comedy did not work out properly. But how the fights are showcased in a gripping manner makes sense in the narrative. Raghava Reddy is a character that has a lot of scope to perform. If the star image had been added to it, the range of the film would have been different if the top hero had done it. 

Siva Kanthamaneni is impressive in his role. He fights and mouths powerful dialogue in an impressive manner. It is a bit too much for him to convey the emotions but for his stature, Siva carried the role of Ragahava Reddy to the best of his capabilities and can go a long way in his career. 


The background score is good. The cinematography is also a plus for the movie. Most of the scenes in the movie have been shot beautifully. The editing is dull in the first half but makes up for it in the second half. Producers K. S. Shankar Rao, G. Rambabu Yadav, and R. Venkateshwar Rao made this film without any compromise. Their production values ​​are good.

When compared to regular commercial stories, there is something new in the story of 'Raghava Reddy'. The scenes would have been more powerful if there had been a strong reason for the husband and wife's estrangement but that does not happen and the film ends with just a passable fare.


On the whole, Ragahava Reddy is a film that has a great storyline. Though the emotions and action parts are decent, the inexperience in narration plays spoilsport and makes the film just an okay watch this weekend.

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