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Raju Yadav Review - The Getup Srinu starrer is bland and a total mess

Raju Yadav Review: Popular TV actor Getup Srinu makes his debut as a hero with the social drama.

Raju Yadav Review - The Getup Srinu starrer is bland and a total mess

Raju Yadav 

Last Updated: 08.32 AM, May 25, 2024


Raju Yadav Story

Raju Yadav (Get Up Srinu) is from the lower middle class and is hit by a cricket ball in the face. This freak accident leaves him with a disorder, and all those who look at him feel that he is smiling all the time. After facing certain issues due to this, he decides to get surgery done. But sadly, his economic status does not allow him to do that. The rest of the story is about how Raju Yadav, along with his girlfriend Sweety (Ankita Kharat), manage to get the surgery done.

Raju Yadav Review

Raju Yadav is directed by Krishnamachary and is about a man who wants to get facial surgery. The concept seems quite interesting on paper and could have been a good movie if it was narrated properly. But sadly, that does not happen. The concept is half-baked and does not impress you one bit.

Director Krishnamachary starts the film on a positive note, showcasing Raju Yadav's life and how he gets into a freak accident. But once the core point is established, things go for a toss. The rest of the proceedings are routine and boring, as has been showcased in many films.

If this is not enough, the hero's character graph has not been designed properly. After a point, he is confused between his love story and wanting to get facial surgery. As he falls into no man's land, Raju Yadav's motive is half-baked and does not make any sense at all.

Raju Yadav event
Raju Yadav event

Also, the weak love story is one of the film's most irritating aspects. It does not make any sense and could have been cut short to make the movie better. Suresh Bobbili has composed the BGM and his work is satisfactory. He manages to elevate the proceedings and the drama. 

Getup Srinu is a very good actor, and his performance proves this. His character has to keep a smiling face due to the disorder, and the way he showcases all his emotions throughout is a highlight of the film.

Ankita Kharat is clueless in the film, and her facial expressions do not matter much. The rest of the cast is also not worth mentioning here, as they overact. Raju Yadav has music by Harshvardhan Rameshwar, and apart from one song, the rest of the album is bad. 

Getup Srinu
Getup Srinu

The dialogue is decent, and so is the production design of this low-budget film. The camerawork is pretty good, and the setup is showcased in a superb manner. Raju Yadav has a very good subject on paper and could have been so deep in terms of emotions. But the emotions and pain in the father-son story hardly come across in the film. 

Every scene looks like it is inspired by some film or another and lets the film down in no time. Raju Yadav is a failed attempt despite having a good backdrop. There are so many issues with the film that a good performance by Getup Srinu goes neglected in the proceedings. 

Raju Yadav Verdict

Raju Yadav has an intriguing core point. Lead actor Getup Srinu can be proud of his debut film for his performance, but apart from that, there is nothing going its way, and it can be avoided this weekend.

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