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Roohaniyat 2 review: Arjun Bijlani-Kanika Mann's series finally stays true to the title

Roohaniyat season 2 is more binge-watchable than season 1.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.16 PM, Jul 29, 2022

Roohaniyat 2 review: Arjun Bijlani-Kanika Mann's series finally stays true to the title
Roohaniyat 2 - Arjun Bijlani, Kanika Mann.


Saveer (Arjun Bijlani) finally agrees to date Prisha (Kanika Mann). However, someone gets in the way of them being together. Will #PrishVeer be able to survive with this deadly person haunting them?


"Thank you, Roohaniyat wali mohabbat ke liye," Prisha (Kanika Mann) says in the latest season of the show. While she reads our thoughts, there are moments in this season where we felt like Saveer (Arjun Bijlani) when he said, "Rooh ko zinda rakhne ke liye Roohaniyat ki zarurat nahi hai."

As much as Roohaniyat season 2 is an improvement from season 1 and it is a great improvement, this show still falls back on the drama, cheesiness and almost non-sensical moments. While these are less, they exist. If they didn't exist, Roohaniyat would have been a show that is super appealing to watch.

Roohaniyat season 2 commences from where season 1 ended. Everything is back to normal with Prisha (Kanika Mann).

Arjun Bijlani is also back as the khadoos, saddu Saveer. As he comes, you finally know what Roohaniyat actually is.

The music in this series once again draws you in. The suspense is still prevailing, even though it isn't so much a suspense anymore.

Prisha and Gauri's washroom scene is classic childish humour but works. Although these two don't have the best scenes together always, they are still pretty adorable to watch.

Prisha and Saveer's chemistry in intense and undeniable this time. The spark has turned to fire and is in all its glory.

The wannabe vibe from the show has still done gone. It gets way too much in scenes.

Shailey's breakdown scene is impactful. Her behaviour finally makes sense.

Roohaniyat is a cute journey which gets sometimes cheesy, sometimes predictable. However, fortunately, this season is more binge-watchable than the last.

The last episode of this show does not come as a surprise but it is not very expected either. One of our lead is on the verge of death and there seems to be no going back. Will this mark the end of #PriVeer? Season 3 might be able to tell us.


Roohaniyat's second season is more watchable than the first. In fact, this time you can even binge-watch the show because it is more breezy and less non-sensical. You do not question why certain things happen this time around and even though this series could definitely work on its ability to create suspense (which is one of the main genres of the show), the romance more than makes up for it. Watch this one especially if you are Arjun Bijlani's fan.