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Sambhlo Chho? review: A nostalgic ride worth taking

Samblo Chho? (Are you listening) is an interesting concept that deserves your attention.

Sambhlo Chho? review: A nostalgic ride worth taking

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  • Shaheen

Last Updated: 06.51 AM, Sep 17, 2022


OTT platforms usually work on visuals. They promote either a film or a show. On rare occasions they would promote a play. The Gujarati culture which has a rich legacy of theatre and plays, is now exploring a new concept - reading. Samblo Chho? has focused on this concept and managed to impress at the same time.

The show is a tribute to poet, writer, social reformer and freedom fighter Jhaverchand Meghani, who is a known name in Gujarati literature.

Abhinay Banker, who is the narrator in the series, is especially impressive since he manages to put soul into the poems. There are instances where he takes you by surprise by getting into another character. The characters he gets into are likely to sound familiar to you.

Sadashiv Tapali, featuring Chetan Daiya, Vaishak Ratanben, Gopal Hari and Navid Kadri, discuss caste difference and how the lower class had to suffer at the hands of the upper class no matter what the circumstance. Vaishak, in the role of Mangya, a post officer, has the most powerful performance. While his speech is impactful, his eyes also do the talking for him.

Rohini, which stars Ojas Rawal as the lead actor, focuses on the course of marriage, extra-marital affairs and the society's reaction to it. While Ojas' performance as Ranjit leaves you wondering, it is 'Rohini' Happy Nayak who shines through her powerful character.

Rama Ne Shu Thayu, on the other hand, is an out-and-out Aarti Patel series. In the role of a mother (after Kadak Meethi), Aarti forces you to feel the pain of losing her daughter, Rama. Ankit Gor and Nisarg Thrivedi are a surprise package too.

Badmaash, which sees Prem Gadhavi in the titular role of Ramlal, is probably the weakest story in the plot and yet, it will keep you intrigued to some extent. The sequence is from Ramlal's perspective. Stressed about his wife, he recalls her kind nature, and their kids. Prem is fairly impressive in the role, while Happy Nayak, in the role of his wife, once again, leaves you impressed. Darshil Damani is also someone to look out for.

Buraai Ni Dwaar Par Thi also follows an exceptional storyline - about the ever-rising difference between the rich and the poor. It touches upon the subject of how the rich become richer and the poor, poorer. Buraai Ni Dwaar Par Thi (From the doorstep of evil) focuses on the story of a poor couple who live happily but are in grief over their monetary aspect. Mayur Chauhan is convincing as a poor man wishing to take up crime to get imprisoned and be served meals twice a day, which is better than his current situation. Rahul Raval, on the other hand, puts his soul into being a misogynist, who believes that his wife's responsibility is simply to feed him good food. Apart from having the strongest concept, Buraai Ni Dwaar Par also has some exceptional performances, making it a must watch.

Samblo Chho? (Are you listening) as a whole is an interesting concept that deserves your attention. It definitely should be explored more in the OTT space, and the series has definitely opened the space for it.