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Sasi Madhanam Review - Pawan Sidhu and Soniya Singh's lovable chemistry holds your attention

Sasi Madhanam Review - The romantic comedy has great comedy and sizzling chemistry from the lead pair. However, the setting is a bit routine. 

Sasi Madhanam Review - Pawan Sidhu and Soniya Singh's lovable chemistry holds your attention

Sasi Madhanam

Last Updated: 11.21 AM, Jul 04, 2024


Sasi Madhanam Story

Sashi (Soniya Singh) and Madhan(Pawan Sidhu) are a couple who are madly in love with each other. On the other hand, Madhan is addicted to online betting and owes a hefty sum to a money lender. This is also when Sasi calls Madhan, saying that he can come over to her house as her parents are out of town. To escape the money lender's wrath, Madhan lands in Sashi's house. But the twist in the tale happens when Sashi's parents return all of a sudden. How did Sashi hide Madhan? Did her parents find out about Sashi and Madhan's love story? And how did the couple manage to evade the crazy situation? To know the answers, stream Sasi Madhanam on ETV Win now.

Sasi Madhanam Review

Pawan Sidhu and Soniya Singh are a real-life couple who are famous for their short films and shows on YouTube. They have gone a step ahead and starred in a web series titled Sasi Madhanam, which is now streaming on ETV Win. They are known for their solid chemistry and have taken things to another level with Sasi Madhanam. Their adorable chemistry is one of the biggest reasons to watch Sasi Madhanam.

The basic setting, plot, and narration are routine, but the way Soniya and Pawan play their characters and perform is the best part of the show. Their fun banters, romantic moments, finding love in chaos, and especially the dialogue delivery of the couple make the show quite lovable.

One of the best parts of the show is that Sasi Madhanam has only six episodes and is under two and a half hours. Each episode is under thirty minutes and it makes for a breezy watch for the audience. The match-making scenes in one of the episodes are hilarious. Director Winod Gali has executed the comedy of confusion in a beautiful manner.

Soniya Singh
Soniya Singh

The earthy characters and the way they behave in tense situations have been showcased well. The setting is not heavy on the audience, and the drama that is created is simple and breezy. This also has a disadvantage, as the emotions feel a bit lighter. To make the show more funny, director Winod Gali does not elevate the feelings much. This is where the series falters a bit. If this aspect would have been handled well, things would have been a lot better.

But the star of the show is the dialogue. The manner in which solid punches are written elevates humor in most of the episodes. The tongue-in-cheek humor creates a solid vibe in the show. However, Sasi Madhanam is not short of issues. Sasi Madhanam has a subplot of a love track, but it does not sit well in the proceedings. Though it has a proper justification at the end, the way it is interlaced in the narrative makes the proceedings boring.

Also, as the makers try to evoke a lot of comedy, a few fun episodes look dragged and over the top. As said earlier, Sasi Madhanam clicks because of the lead pair's chemistry. Soniya Singh leads from the front and is the star of the show. She is cute, emoted well, and holds our attention till the end. There is something in her personality that attracts the audience, and this aspect has been nicely utilized by the makers. She evokes comedy with her onliners and punches, and these are the best parts of Sasi Madhanam.

Pawan Sidhu plays the main lead in Sasi Madhanam
Pawan Sidhu plays the main lead in Sasi Madhanam

Pawan Sidhu is also impressive in the series. He gets a good role, and the young actor impresses. Romantic dramas are his forte, and Sidhu proves that he can hold your attention for a longer period of time. Pradeep Raparti, who played the heroine's father, is superb in the series. His performance gives an edge to the series. Kirit gets a decent role, and he is good.

Sinjith Yerramilli composed the music, and his background score was respectable. Rehan Shaik's camerawork is amazing. As most of the series happens in a few locations, they have been showcased quite neatly. The production values are decent, but the dialogues by Pushpa Praveen Kumar and N. Shanmukh Srinivas are the best part and have been done well.

Sasi Madhanam is a comedy of confusion that has a decent backdrop. There are moments that do not gel with the narrative, and emotions look weak. But the feel-good romance and light-hearted scenes make Sasi Madhanam interesting.


Sasi Madhanam Verdict

On the whole, Sasi Madhanam is a romantic comedy that has some well-executed moments. Though the plot is routine and emotional connection is missing in a few scenes, lead pair Soniya Singh and Pawan Sidhu hold our attention with their solid chemistry, amazing banter, and witty dialogue, making this show a decent watch this weekend.

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