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Save The Tiger 2 Review - The second season has emotions and comedy that is well balanced out

Save The Tiger 2 Review - When compared to the first season, there is more focus on emotions than comedy. 

Save The Tiger 2 Review - The second season has emotions and comedy that is well balanced out

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Last Updated: 01.21 PM, Mar 15, 2024


Save The Tigers 2 Story

At the end of the first season, the three frustrated husbands, Ghanta Ravi (Priyadarshi), Rahul (Abhinav Gomatam), and Virkam (Krishna Chaitanya), get drunk and kidnap a popular actress (Hamsalekha). The second season starts with the three men getting bail and returning home. But this time their wives, played by Tejaswini Sharma, Jordar Sujata, and Pavani Gangireddy, are fed up with their husbands and approach a psychiatrist. She suggests a few techniques to set their husbands right. How the careless husbands who are not serious in life address their responsibilities is the show's basic story.

Save The Tigers 2 Review

Save The Tigers was known for its crazy characters and good fun. But in the second season, the show creator, Mahi V Raghav, has set things up in such a way that he has given each story an arc and ended it on a very responsible note. He has showcased the human angle through these characters and how they come of age and understand their responsibilities in a very good manner.

Save The Tigers 2 has seven episodes and there is some fun in them. More than anything, there is an underlying emotion that has been built up in this season since the first episode itself. Out of all the stories that click, Priyadarshi and Seerat Kapoor's track and the one with Abhinav Gomatam and Rohini stand out. These characters evoke some laughs in the narrative.

There is no denying the fact that, compared to the first season, the second season has few fun or standout moments. One expected the main leads to go crazier and evoke solid laughter. But that does not happen, as the second story is mostly based on the realisations of these characters. 

Deviyani Sharma
Deviyani Sharma

Seerat Kapoor joined the star cast in the second season and her role was good. Her character changes a lot of dynamics in the show but one gets the feeling that the makers had a lot of scope to induce comedy once she makes an entry. But that does not happen, as Seerat Kapoor is just a supporting actor in the narrative. What happens to women when their husbands neglect them has been showcased emotionally in the show.

Save The Tigers 2 has some fun moments. The entire forest episode looks a bit over the top but provides decent fun. Also, the hilarious conversations between Abhinav Gomatam and Roshini's characters discussing captions to be written on an autorickshaw are hilarious. In the first season, the wife characters did not have much to do but in this season, they are given more importance. 

In terms of performances, Priyadarshi once again leads the pack as Ghanta Ravi. His character gets an arc as he plays the father of a 12-year-old girl. The emotions between the father and daughter are showcased so well by the director, Arun and Priyadarshi kills it with his emotional performance. Once again, his pairing with Jordar Sujatha has multiple fun moments and looks realistic. After a long gap, Satya Krishna got a good role and she was impressive.

Deviyani Sharm changes track in season 2 and her roles get softer and the young actress does so well in them. Jordar Sujatha, though loud at times, is the best of the female leads. The way she talks, fights with Priyadarshhi, and emotes in a no-holds-barred manner was good to see. Seerat Kapoor got yet another decent role and did what was expected of her. 

Pavani Gangireddy was just about okay in her role. Yet another highlight of the series was Abhinav Gomatam. He, as the struggling writer, delivers a decent performance. Whenever he is on screen, the show lights up and the one-liners mouthed by Abhinav are hilarious. Mama, who acted in the role of a politician, was also okay in his role. 

Roshini, the popular TV actor, is neat in her role. Venu Yeldandi, the director of Balakgam, played a small role and he was hilarious in his role as a TV journalist. Krishna Chaitanya is subdued in the second season and does well in his key role. The production values of the show are decent. The camerawork, BGM, and production design showcase the urban setup quite well.

One of the drawbacks is that the screenplay is a bit dull. The first season had a crisp runtime and the moments showcased were executed properly. Though the makers had so much scope to elevate the fun quotient, they took the emotional route. All those who start watching the second season thinking that it will be hilarious might be disappointed a bit.


Save The Tigers 2 Verdict

On the whole, Save The Tiger 2 has comedy in decent portions but it is not as good as the first season. The second season has a proper ending to the story of three frustrated husbands, which has been showcased through multiple emotions and coming-of-age drama. Just lower your expectations and watch the show; you will enjoy the fun characters of Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, and Krishna Chaitanya.


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