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Save The Tigers Review on Hotstar: The Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, Krishna Chaitanya series is a hilarious fun ride

Save The Tigers Web Series Review: The Hot star show is hilarious and witty  

Save The Tigers Review on Hotstar: The Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, Krishna Chaitanya series is a hilarious fun ride

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Last Updated: 09.25 PM, Apr 26, 2023



Save The Tigers is about three frustrated married men. First in line is Rahul(Abhinav Gomatam), an aspiring writer who leaves his IT job and gets taunted by his wife Madhuri(Pavani Gangireddy). Next is Ghanta Ravi(Priyadarshi), a milk vendor, who is always pressurized by his wife Hymavathi(Sujatha) to move into a gated community. Last but not least is Vikram(Krishna Chaitanya) who has issues with his wife Rekha(Deviyani) about his mother's involvement in their lives. These small issues create so much frustration for these men that they get drunk and kidnap a popular actress. Well, who is this actress? Why did these three friends kidnap her? What is the actual story? and how do these self-proclaimed Tigers get saved? To know the answers, stream the series on Disney Hotstar.


Save The Tigers is a fun series that depicts the frustration of three married men. The key characters are quite relatable to every man who is married in some way or the other. Mahi V Raghav has created this show and his intention is to only make people enjoy the show and not care about the logic. The way he has etched each character and their backstory is hilarious. The tongue-in-cheek humor is what draws your attention.


There is no proper conflict point in the show and daily life events are created as comic points which is the best part. What makes the show hilarious is the performances of the star cast. Every actor is superb in their respective roles and does not bore you one bit. Though there are some over-the-top moments, the short duration of each episode makes the show breezy and easy to sit through.

Teja Kakumanu directs this series and he has added clean family moments that everyone can sit and enjoy. One of the best comic elements is the track between Abhinav Gomatam and his maid played by Roshini. It is hilarious and has so many fun moments. The first four episodes provide solid fun that you won't even notice the time and feel like watching the show in one go. It is only during the last two episodes that things get a bit slow. The last episode is a bit wayward as the track involving Sunaina and Harshvardhan is over the top.

Also, the way the kidnapping track is induced at the end looks forced. But as said earlier, the performances hold your attention. Priyadarshi is the best of the lot. He as Ghanta Ravi is hilairous. Be it his accent, body language, and chemistry with his wife played by Sujatha is top notch. He plays the father of a teenage girl and also emotes in a moving manner in a few scenes. Sujatha, the upcoming actress as the nagging wife was also quite good. Abhinav Gomatam as the aimless husband is superb in his role. His satirical dialogues and the way he interacts with his maid Roshni were showcased so well by the actor.

Mahi V Raghav on Save The Tigers
Mahi V Raghav on Save The Tigers

Pavani Gangireddy and Harshvardhan did their parts well. Deviyani as the nagging wife and women activist was amazing in her role. Sunaina was apt for the role of an employee who undergoes stress in her office. The production values are top-notch as three drastic lives have been showcased well. Ajay Arasada's music score was amazing and so were the hilarious punchlines.

Save The Tigers also has a second season and the makers have left the key kidnapping plot to the latter part. In a way, they have only introduced the characters and the struggles they go through due to their wives. Save The Tigers is a show which is filled with candid fun and has a rushed ending. Apart from that, it has plenty to cheer for.


On the whole, Save The Tigers is a hilarious comedy caper that has the right mix of comedy and relatable situations. Each of the episodes is only half an hour long and provides clean entertainment. Barring a few situations which are over the top, this series ends as a good time pass watch with your family. Go for it.


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