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Soch review: Live every day as if it were your last

What would you do if you get a new lease on life?

Adelle Fernandes
Jun 24, 2021
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What’s it about:

Ghanshyam Singh believes that life has given him a raw deal. He is unhappy with his wife, work, salary and health until he gets news that changes his life forever.

What’s hot:

Soch, as the name suggests, is all about Ghanshyam and his mindset. The beginning of the film sees him being an abusive husband and also chiding the watchman of his building. His anger issues seem to stem from his inability to provide enough for his family and work pressures.

When he visits the hospital for a check-up for his viral infection, he learns that he has lung cancer and has less than a year to live. This takes a toll on him and he is shocked beyond belief. This incident gets us thinking about the concept of death and mortality. Life is uncertain, and any moment could be our last. Would Ghanshyam behave as rashly as he did if he knew his time on earth was limited?

As the film comes to an end, the doctor apologizes to Ghanshyam and states there was a mix-up in the medical reports. He learns that he does not have cancer, and this happiness knows no bounds. He believes he has gotten a new lease on life and plans to live it to the fullest.

He immediately calls his wife and is so sweet to her over the phone that she assumes he is drunk. He excitedly tells her to get ready as they are going out. Although this is a high point in the film, it gets us thinking why it took the idea of death for Ghanshyam to treat his wife with respect and love.

It is also enjoyable to watch Ghanshyam, a man usually so grumpy and angry, be carefree and excited about life. It is almost like he needed a reality check to start appreciating the little things. He begins to live life to the fullest when it strikes him that life is short and uncertain.

What’s not:

The first scene in the film depicts domestic violence with Ghanshyam’s wife screaming and his child crying. The scene may be triggering and harsh to hear for some. Later in the film, Ghanshyam admits he does not treat his wife well and blames his behaviour on external factors. However, the film fails to address and caution viewers against domestic violence.

There is also a scene in the film at the doctor’s office where the creators have tried to add humour. However, it does not sit well in the serious atmosphere of the film and seems out of place.


This short film is a must-watch, as it makes viewers ask themselves some important questions. It also makes us wonder how we would react if we were in Ghanshyam’s place and reminds us to live every day like it’s our last.

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