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Something From Tiffany’s review: A dull holiday rom-com that’s neither funny nor very romantic

The film attempts to set itself apart from the zillion Christmas rom-coms that have been released in the space of a month but fails to keep one invested in the story

Something From Tiffany’s review: A dull holiday rom-com that’s neither funny nor very romantic

Last Updated: 02.35 PM, Feb 26, 2024


Story: When Ethan helps a man named Gary after he is hit by a car, the jewellery both men bought for their girlfriends is accidentally swapped. The engagement ring Ethan purchased ends up with Gary’s partner Rachel, instead of the earrings Gary picked up. But when Ethan and Rachel run into each other later, they bond quickly and begin to question if they have made the right choices about their love lives.


Review: The holiday season brings in a fresh slate of Christmas rom-coms every year. And more often than not they are a rehash of familiar tropes. It has almost become a guilty pleasure to enjoy these as something silly for the holidays. Of course, there are films from other genres such as Die Hard, Home Alone, or even Batman Returns that have become part of the ultimate Christmas binge list. But the holiday season is associated with comfort viewing and rom-coms still dominate this space regardless of how corny they are.


Something From Tiffany’s, to its credit, is unlike most Christmas rom-coms — from its storytelling to its arcs, and to its exploration of the complexity of modern relationships. It is grounded in reality and the filmmakers deserve plaudits for introducing a relatively fresh concept to the table. The complex nature of modern relationships is the focus of the story and it is an interesting choice for a plot device. But the uninspired screenplay and glaringly obvious plot holes turn the films into a tedious watch.


The chemistry between the lead actors Zoey Deutch (Rachel) and Kendrick Sampson (Ethan) is undeniable. But there is very little justification in the story as to why two people in a committed long-term relationship would be willing to throw it away for a person they just met. It would have made more sense to the story if it was an affair. The story then proceeds to position both their respective partners as the antagonists in an attempt to bring a modicum of logic to the narrative.


It is by no means a poor production in terms of performances but Something From Tiffany’s, based on Melissa Hill’s book, unfortunately, does not fall into the campy Christmas rom-com category nor is it a compelling drama about modern love. The relatively short runtime and the lack of essential character development render the story dull and exhausting.  


Verdict: Despite commendable performances by the lead characters, the film fails to keep one invested in its characters and their stories. Moreover, the comedy aspect of the rom-com is almost non-existent over the course of the runtime.


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