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Star Wars: Visions Season 2 review: Where fantasy meets slight realism

Every episode has something new to offer with this one

Star Wars: Visions Season 2 review: Where fantasy meets slight realism
Star Wars: Visions season 2

Last Updated: 02.35 PM, Feb 26, 2024



What happens when the Sith fights to be a Jedi and stay one? Star Wars: Visions season 2’s most episodes explore that concept.


With the new season of Visions, you are transported into the world of paintings, fantasy and realism all in one. Every episode has an element of its own.

Sith aka The Dark Side is the first episode of season 2. The droid E2 and his accomplice, a former Sith, make it a world of pictures, both bright and dark. The creations here are definitely mesmerizing and take you inside a world of paintings. You even meet the Sith lord inside a painting.

There is a segment where the Sith are mixed with cowboy culture. Bullets fly in the midst of a dust storm. What follows makes little sense but is definitely one of the most loved action sequences in the history of action.

Thr lightsaber is here and it is nothing less than a firecracker. The dual lightsaber is here too and it comes at the perfect moment.

The end to the episode also works pretty well. It is cliched but still makes a lot of sense in this context.

Episode 2 talks about the labour in The Empire. It does give you the Andor vibes initially but moves on to much more.

Daal, Keena and Baython reach for Screecher's Reach. The episode tries to be horror-comedy and succeeds only to an extent. The horror is mixed with The Sith. That barely works but the moral of the story is clear.

Episode 3 - In The Stars - as the name suggests, is a magical journey. The story is about two sisters Koten and Tichina and their mother. They are different personalities, which makes the episode a good watch. This one is all about hope and magic.

Episode 4 - I Am Your Mother - begins with the Jawas. They are an important part in the world of The Mandalorian even today.

Anni is a normal girl, in the standards of Star Wars. She has a mother who leaves no chance at embarrassing her. Z-1 adds to that.

Julan and her mother Dorota Van Reeple are the competitors in the family race who are complete snobs. However, they make the story more interesting till the end.

Episode 5 has the Japanese culture. This time, it is about the Jedi apart from the Sith.

It is about Toul and Bichan. While one is a Jedi, the other is a Sith. Of course, them coming face-to-face makes for a moment.

Of course, there's a Naruto reference in the episode. The statues where Naruto and Sasuke fought are back, with a twist, and make for an important moment here too.

Episode 6 i.e. The Spy dancer is about stormtroopers at a pub. It is about dancer Hetis, who is a budding rebel.

Her mother Loie and Jon are a part of the rebellion. Their actions align with that and promise you a world of magic. Instead, it's a world that is tragic and yet, somehow, beautiful.

Episodes 7 is about the bandits and of course, it is based in India. The story is about Charuk and Rani, who have special powers. While one keeps it hidden, the other doesn't care to.

The episode also has a part on the stormtroopers vs The Jangoris aka rebels. It is not the best thing about the episode.

This episode is all about what if Star Wars was made in India. It doesn't disappoint to that extent but is sure weird as an Indian representation, which is of course set in Rajasthan.

Episode 8, The Pit, is another episode of The Empire's torture. Unlike the title, the focus here is on the 'inner light.'

This episode is probably the most realistic episodes of all. It shows the disparity and how to lessen it. It is the one and only episode which has the capacity to turn into an entire series.

Episode 9 aka Aau's song, goes the Star Wars way in terms of introduction. The story is more out of a fairytale than in a world of Star Wars.

The episode is about Aau and her father Abat. The story is about her adventures, which are also more supernatural than expected. With that, the episode and series end on an abrupt note.


Episode 8 is hands down the best of the series. It holds it all together. Episode 9 i.e. the final episode is a major letdown. The rest of them will appeal to mostly children and a few adults. So if you are in that category, you’d want to watch this series. Else, you’re better off skipping it.


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