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Suga: Road to D-Day review: Agust D's extraordinary journey is surprisingly relatable to millennials

The musical documentary has multiple guest appearances that surprise the audience and break the monotony of the film.

Suga: Road to D-Day review: Agust D's extraordinary journey is surprisingly relatable to millennials

Suga: Road to D-Day review

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 04.00 PM, Apr 23, 2023

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Story: SUGA, the famous singer-rapper-songwriter-performer of the sensational boyband BTS, goes on a journey to different parts of the world including cities like Seol, Tokyo, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Pyeongchang, Chuncheon, and Malibu in order to find new inspiration to make music for his solo album D-Day.

Review: The latest documentary begins with Suga talking about how desperate he is to find inspiration for his upcoming album, which he has decided to name D-Day. The world-famous rapper also unveils how a huge number of BTS fans don't even know his real name which is Agust D. Even when he released his first solo album in 2016 with the same name.

The musical docu movie chronicles Suga's journey in reverse from his latest struggles to the beginning of his D-Day journey. However, it doesn't matter where the BTS star has been in his life during his three years or so of the journey as he can be seen battling with his thoughts and struggling to find inspiration.


Meanwhile, the 1 hour and 20 minutes of the film don't take the audience on a monotonous journey, where you only see him moving from one place to another on a private jet or travelling in a yacht. But, the Korean documentary also showcases a lot of songs by Suga from his album D-Day.

While showcasing all the songs, the gorgeous celebrity keeps revealing the meaning of the tracks as well as the inspiration behind them. And it certainly makes you think how amazingly thoughtful he is.

Amid talking about all the songs, he specially mentions his song named Amygdala, which literally translates to a region of the brain primarily associated with emotional processes. Agust D reveals how the 2023 song is associated with his unpleasant memories. Mostly, the things that happened in his life before his 20s.

Moving on, the 30-year-old singer can be heard saying how he grew up faster than others BTS members when he just wanted to be a kid with a lot of dreams. During his tour, he can be seen with teary eyes when mentions that he feels like an adult with no more dreams. It reflects in his eyes and expression how heartbroken he is for not having that childlike curiosity and enthusiasm any more, which certainly reflects the reality of most of the millennials who are in their late 20s and early 30s.

Suga: Road to D-Day impresses you with an honest documentary about this famous rapper, who is just like you and me. Even after gaining success at a such young age, Agust feels like a lost kid, who sometimes misses her mother and just wants to go back home leaving all this behind. However, the next moment reminds him of his fans and the love he has garnered in a decade, which inspires him to push harder and get back up to the top.

Apart from a great story and perfect execution, Suga: Road to D-Day has multiple guest appearances that will surprise you too.

Verdict: The biographical series is fabulously made and inspiring with each of its frames. The BTS singer's story is surprisingly relatable to the millennials and to all humans in general as it takes you on an honest journey of a world-famous personality, who eats, breathes, cries, smiles and has feelings like you.