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Summer Heat review: Just another low stakes Netflix teen dramedy series

While Summer Heat has nothing new to offer, it still makes for a breezy watch

  • Akshay Krishna

Last Updated: 08.45 AM, Jan 24, 2022

Summer Heat review: Just another low stakes Netflix teen dramedy series

Story: Set in the backdrop of an island resort in Brazil, the story follows a group of young workers and their work, the romance, drama and self discovery in their lives. Living as a family, the workers and owners of Hotel Maresia are in for a ride as the summer season begins and it brings more guests, and more drama. 

Review: The first episode of the series starts off by throwing us right into a busy day at the Maresia resort, as a party is being planned and three new recruits are brought on board to be part of the work crew. From the first few shots, it is easy to understand that the makers have chosen a great locale and they would make good use of it. The island backdrop and its beauty is used to good effect now and then throughout the eight episodes, and this is the only fresh thing the series has to offer. 

The story of a rich woman who has had everything in life and loves to shop is one of the main focus of the movie, as her life turns upside down with her mother being arrested and all her wealth being held back. Her marriage breaks down and she is thrown into the open world looking for work and decides to join the work crew. The story of Catarina (Giovanna Lancellotti) on a journey of self realization is a common plot and the makers offer nothing new here, just like the rest of the series. But her story and her fighting to get rid of her shopping habits are one of the many subplots in the series.

There are also other characters, who are part of the work crew, and those who are the co-owners of the resort. There is Helena (Giovanna Rispoli), the woman who lives too much in the virtual world and believes life is just another Netflix series, Conrado (Maicon Rodrigues), who wants to get away from his controlling parents and wants to be a singer, and Yasmin (Gabz), who is a sketchy character at first, who is searching for something in the island. Along with Miguel (André Frambach), Diego (Jorge López), Marilla (Cynthia Senek), Vilma (Mayana Neiva), Maresia (Felipe Rocha) and Rodrigo (Leonardo Bittencourt), there is drama, romance, self discovery, love triangles, surfing and a lot of resort work the show throws up for the viewers to enjoy. All of their stories are interconnected across the eight episode series. 

The series does not really try to grab the audience by the collar and have them stressing over anything. After a few incidents, you realize that even if one of the workers ends up taking a hit at a resort guest, they would not face any consequences. While this is the case, this helps the show to take a slow pace to tell the story and its many subplots and make use of all its many characters. While all the mentions of different Netflix shows from Helena would seem annoying, the show still offers a no strings attached viewing, and would attract people who enjoy a teen comedy drama. 

The acting performances from most of the stars of the show is believable, and is able to convey the happiness, confusion, and frustration of their characters to the audience with ease. Their bonding is something that gives the show its tender touch. While the self discovery plot is nothing new, the show also tries to add layers to the character of Catarina, who gets a surprise ending considering how the show has let all the characters off the hook on multiple counts. 

Verdict: Summer Heat is set in a visually beautiful Brazilian island resort which adds a touch of quality to a show that has nothing new to offer with the story. The characters, their stories, the drama and the romance will appeal to the lovers of the teen comedy drama genre, for whom the show would be a fun watch.