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Sundaram Master Review - Viva Harsha is the only solace in this slow-paced coming-of-age social drama

Sundaram Master Review - Viva Harsha gives a sincere performance in this film, which lacks emotional depth and proper casting. 

Sundaram Master Review - Viva Harsha is the only solace in this slow-paced coming-of-age social drama

Sundaram Master 

Last Updated: 12.34 PM, Feb 23, 2024


Sundaram Master Story

Sundar Rao (Viva Harsha) is posted as a school teacher in the remote area of Miryalamitta. The people living in that village have never come out of that area and stick to their own beliefs. But they do not know that Sundara Rao has come to their village for a secret mission. What is that mission? What is Sundar Rao's plan? How did he deal with the villagers? To know the answers, watch the film on the big screen.

Sundaram Master Review

Sundaram Master is written and directed by Kalyan Santhosh. The film deals with a school teacher trying to cheat a village to get something precious out of them. This aspect could have been narrated like a comedy thriller but director Kalyan chooses to narrate Sundaram Master like a coming-of-age drama. The first half showcases the fun side of the story, whereas the second half is all about self-realisation.

What catches your attention is the basic backdrop of the film. It is relatable and set in a fun tone. The comedy related to the villagers is decent but there was a lot of scope for the director to squeeze more fun from the proceedings. As the main lead, Viva Harsha became famous by paying a teacher in his YouTube videos. The director could have added so many comedy scenes related to him teaching the uneducated villagers and created comedy out of it.

But that does not happen, as the film's aim is something else altogether. However, there are a few scenes that have been handled quite well. The way the villagers talk in fluent English and the backstory related to their existence are solidly showcased. The fun created through Harsha's character is also nice to see on screen.

But the narrative tries to cash in on different aspects. It showcases the self-realisation of the hero but for him to undergo all this, the backstory and the conflict need to be strong from the beginning. That does not happen one bit, as one emotional scene changes the face of the film.

The second half is the biggest drawback for Sundaram Master. It is slow, lacks depth, and the climax is hurried for no reason. There was so much showcase to narrate the film as a thriller, as a missing idol is involved in the story. The reference to Yuvraj Singh's Six Sixes story is nicely woven into the film but it does not create an impact.

Sundaram Master
Sundaram Master

The villagers who played key roles do not create an impact, as everyone looks pale and weak. Divya Sripada, who plays the female lead, has the worst role. Her character does not bring any depth to the film. Despite being a good actress, Divya does not add any value to the film. The same is the case with Harshvardhan. The villain's track is dull and lacks depth.

Viva Harsha is the only solace in the film and gives an endearing performance. This is his first film as the main lead and he carries the film on his shoulders. He was effective in the self-realisation scenes and did well in the comedy scenes. Balakrishna, who plays the village head, was decent in his role.

Sundaram Master
Sundaram Master

The music by Sricharan Pakala is pretty impressive, as is his background score. The camerawork is amazing, as the forest visuals are showcased nicely. The editing in the second half could have been better. But the screenplay is a drawback. It is not racy and does not hold you in your seats.

One of the biggest assets of the film is the awesome production design. The village set in the forest is superb and gives the film a superb look. Sundaram Master is a very good script on paper but is spoiled by some dull and lacklustre narration. Only a few scenes impress but the rest of the narrative is boring.


Sundaram Master Verdict

On the whole, Sundaram Master has a pretty good storyline that could have been narrated with a lot of fun and thrill. But the makers chose otherwise and narrated it as a coming-of-age drama that is marred by inexperienced narration and ends as a below-average fare this weekend.

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