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Super Machi review: An assault on your senses you wouldn't even want your worst enemy to go through

Kalyaan Dhev, Rachita Ram, the supporting cast appear as clueless as the film's script

  • Srivathsan Nadadhur

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 09.25 PM, Jan 13, 2022

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Super Machi


Meenakshi is a young girl who's doing good for herself with a cushy job at a corporate firm. However, all of it changes when she comes across Raju, a local bar singer whom she's madly in love with. Raju spends a major part of his day aimlessly roaming around with a bunch of good-for-nothing friends. He pays no heed to Meenakshi's interest in him and even warns her to not stalk him endlessly. He puts her through many humiliating situations though she tolerates his unreasonable behaviour sans any complaint. What explains Meenakshi's unconditional love for Raju?


If a picture is worth a thousand words, you don't know where to start or end the discussion about Super Machi. One may lack clarity in a script or the execution or even extracting performances from actors, but this is a film where almost nothing makes sense. You struggle to find a single reason why Super Machi was made and how it ended up at the theatres! There's no light and there are only tunnels that lead to a noman's land. From the ridiculous plot to pathetic performances and a disastrous screenplay, the film is a relentless attack on audiences for over two-and-a-half hours. 

Why on earth would a software employee stalk a good-for-nothing bar singer and try to win his love? If this didn't make sense to you, she even calls him 'sir'. The guy makes her sell a ring to pay a bill at a pub, throws a cup of hot coffee over her, asks her to sleep with him and finds every possible route to insult her. She still finds a reason to tolerate him and not give him a whack. And why does she do that? To fulfil her father's last wish (Yaaaaawn)

A father is convinced to marry his daughter to a guy just because he helps him pay his insurance premium and offers great tips on finding the best match for her. A message to a wrong number paves the way to a supposedly poetic romance between two youngsters. A woman sacrifices her love to woo a man her father approves of and the 'epic twist' - her father's recco and her love interest turn out to be the same guy. It's hard to believe that such stories can exist in Telugu cinema in 2022.

Super Machi is sweet revenge to those who believed that the industry consistently glorified men who stalk women in the name of love. For a change, it's the girl who stalks the man here and it almost makes him realise how traumatic can such experiences be for anyone, regardless of gender. It would've been alright if this was just another bad film, but it is a downright insult to the audience's tastes, almost taking them for granted. 

There's absolutely no connection between the film's situations and Kalyaan Dhev's expressions. And it's all the more disappointing to see that Rachita Ram, who's on top of her game in Kannada, said yes to this trash - it's hard to believe it even if it would have meant a hefty paycheck in her kitty. She gets the most disgusting female character written in Telugu cinema lately, even going by the poor standards set by most mainstream films. 

For veterans like Naresh, Rajendra Prasad and Posani, it's just one off-day at work and they honestly have nothing to lose. Rangasthalam Mahesh, Bhadram are poor sidekicks who're given a lot of nonsense to blabber while the scenario isn't exactly different for Pragathi Suresh either. Thaman's album feels like a set of rejected pieces from his previous films. 


Words won't suffice to describe what a viewer goes through while enduring this mother of all disasters. Just when a Telugu film viewer has barely recovered from the trauma he would've experienced at the theatres in the first weekend of 2022, Super Machi provides another reason why it's best to sit at the comfort of your home and watch paint dry instead. 

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