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The Bad Batch season 2 review: This Star Wars series works wonders for the most bits

You see a Chewbacca and many other cultural references in this season.

The Bad Batch season 2 review: This Star Wars series works wonders for the most bits
The Bad Batch season 2.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.37 PM, Apr 04, 2023

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The Bad Batch are on the run from The Empire. How long can they stay away and slowly kill them? Will the rebellion actually work?


The Bad Batch – a spin-off of Clone Wars – is back. The show has a lukewarm opening.

Omega has an impressive opening and has a lot of potential but that is also not tapped upon this time. She impresses nonetheless. That is till Omega ends up being limited to being dramatic. She has a sad puppy face every time something goes down. It is the opposite for Hunter.

Tech is also as sweet as always. He is certainly missed every time he isn’t in the scene.

Hunter and Wrecker have the same graph. They are both furious but they have their own charm on the show.

Echo plays an important part in this season. He has taken upon a project that is extremely important for everyone involved.

Crosshair comes for a briefer role but plays an important part. The same goes for Cid and Phee.

It is when all members of The Bad Batch come together that the show gets better. We talk about the action and not the depressing scenes, which have Omega at the centre of it.

While The Bad Batch season 2 is impressive for most bits, it is also very disappointing in a few episodes. The show has a very dark setup in some episodes which definitely do not work for this one. That said, there are some episodes which take you back to the Star World universe, set up by George Lucas. It is the VFX that does wonders with those moments.

Every time The Bad Batch is put up against The Empire, things get interesting. From fighting stormtroopers to the visuals that follow with the action, they leave you impressed.

Droids introduced in the series are only good to an extent. Meanwhile, the series takes some wild turns. There’s an episode – episode 5 – which is where Jurrasic Park meets Indiana Jones in The Bad Batch 2. It is that chaotic.

Episode 11 on the other hand is appealing despite the Stranger Things connection. You are constantly curious as to what is awaiting your presence and when you find out what is, it blows your mind.

The best episode comes in the form of episode 6. Here, we meet this series’ Chewbacca. Gungi is introduced in the episode and he takes the series up many notches. Behold, Gungi is a Jedi and fights with lightsabers. Alas, that lasted for just one episode. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that Omega and Gungi are The Bad Batch’s Han Solo and Chewbacca. PS: There’s a place called Kybakk which will take you back to the time when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were being hunted by the stormtroopers. This series recreates that in a way.

The series also sees a cameo appearance by Darth Maul. He plays the most important part in The Dark Side and the character is almost justified this time around. As an influencer with bad intentions, he is goosebump level scary.

After showing so much scary, the series turns emotional constantly. That definitely does not work for this season. What does work is the Star Wars music. That makes you nostalgic and lets you feel the vibe of the world that is The Bad Batch.

As The Bad Batch 2 comes to an end, the later episodes, especially episode 12, do not appeal. There is one scene which is dragged into an episode. It is not something you need or deserve.

Many new things, including a place called Pabu, are introduced in this season. There’s a mention of them all in the last episode. The way the makers have connected the dots, really works.

By the end of The Bad Batch season 2, Omega learns a hard truth. This comes as a big surprise not only for her. It is indeed one of the bigger cliffhangers for any series.


The Bad Batch season 2 is a good watch for the most bits. Look out for episodes 6 and 11 especially. Everything else is just okay to watch, till the last episode.