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The Bengal Scam review: Rajatava Dutta, Sonamoni Saha, and Kinjal Nanda fail to salvage shoddy making

The strongest point of Abhirup Ghosh’s thriller is its story. However, the series is underwhelming, especially after his previous work, Byadh

The Bengal Scam review: Rajatava Dutta, Sonamoni Saha, and Kinjal Nanda fail to salvage shoddy making
Sonamoni Saha and Kinjal Nanda
  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 09.15 AM, Nov 12, 2022


Story: Two insurance agents of Bengal Bima Company (BBC) – Samudra (Kinjal Nanda) and Mohona (Sonamoni Saha) – travel to Chilapota to verify a life insurance claim. The deceased, Ramkrishna Murmu, is an auto driver who died in a road accident when his auto collided with a truck. Upon investigation, Samudra and Mohona sense that something is wrong with the accident. When they try to investigate further, they get into a danger zone.  

Review: The strongest point of The Bengal Scam is its story. There is a hint of novelty in the plot. Also, the script is tight and fast and that deserves appreciation before it gets all predictable. However, the making of the series is hideous and that’s why none of the characters or the story looks convincing. 

In fact, there is no credibility in the setting also. The way Samudra beats up the villains, or the way Rajatava Dutta screams in the rain wearing a white shirt, looks outright overdo. The makeup of Diler – the Kala Truck driver – reminds us of ’70s B-grade Hindi films. 

The characters are also not well-developed. From Samudra to Mohona, even Rajatava – almost all of them look loud. Despite the constant reminder of Samudra’s happy-go-lucky nature, it does not look convincing. Similarly, grisly villain Rajatava Dutta’s harmonica playing is also difficult to believe. His inclination to set dialogues based on zodiac signs also seems out of place. There is no explanation for why there is a whole episode on his backstory and it adds little value to the series. The senior manager of Bengal Bima Company seems straight out of a 1950s theatre set. 

The acting department disappoints too. Kinjal has put up an effort. He looks good at times but that doesn’t ease out the lacuna in the character development. Sonamoni needs to have clearer diction. Rajatava Dutta is known to be one of the finest actors of this generation and yet, he is loud and mannered in the series. It is almost unreal to believe that the same director has made Byadh, a riveting thriller, in which Rajatava showcases a compelling performance. 

The background music is loud. The fight and accident sequences look superficial and Diler and Rajatava’s tiff looks imposed.

Verdict: The Bengal Scame had the potential to become a fine thriller because of its interesting plot. However, because of the hideous making and weak performances, the show fails to impress beyond a point.