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The Fall Guy review - Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt bring romance and risks in a rollicking action ride

The Fall Guy offers a thrilling tribute to Hollywood’s unsung heroes, blending action, romance, and comedy in an exhilarating cinematic experience.

The Fall Guy review - Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt bring romance and risks in a rollicking action ride
Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in a still from The Fall Guy

Last Updated: 01.45 PM, May 01, 2024

The Fall Guy story:

For people's entertainment, Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) undergoes the same routine as any other stuntman: he is shot, blown up, crashed, tossed through windows, and plunged from great heights. After suffering a near-fatal injury that nearly ended his career, our working-class hero must now juggle his day job with the pursuit of a missing movie star (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), the investigation of a conspiracy, and his attempts to win back his beloved (Emily Blunt). Is there any way this could work out? The Fall Guy is a new all-star apex-action thriller that is both a love letter to the action film industry and its dedicated but often overlooked workforce, as well as a humorous, hard-driving film.

The Fall Guy review:

One of the scenes that left me in splits in The Fall Guy is something that only a stuntman would do again and again. Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) ghosts Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt) for over 18 months before returning as a stuntman in her directorial debut. Thus, to make him feel the pain she endured this whole time, she asks him to do the fire stunt, where he sets himself ablaze and jumps against a haystack. The scene spans nearly four to five minutes, adding a humorous depth to the story of two lovers separated by distance.


The Fall Guy was an experience that I was somewhat prepared for because of the hilarious and slashy train ride I witnessed in the 2022 action comedy Bullet Train, which was also directed by the same helmer, David Leitch, who was once the stuntman. So, a love story and a movie set serve as the backdrop for The Fall Guy. I'm ready!

The film opens with a failed stunt that forces Seavers, a professional for six years, to leave the sets. His mental and physical state deteriorates, leading him to feel incompetent. However, once he goes behind the wheel, nothing can stop him, and that's what happens when he lands in Sydney. Amid jet lag, yearning to see the love of his life, and coffee-deprived, he performs the car roll stunt and sets the world record. Indeed, he was once a professional with passion, and he will always remain one.

But The Fall Guy is more than just the "return of a stuntman." It turns out to be a murder mystery involving unicorns. Well, hilarious, and how! But that's where the film walks a tricky path. Drew Pearce, who has penned the screenplay, made sure that the series adaptation of the same name has to be crisp if packed into two hours. That's how you achieve a nearly flawless script.

A year ago, the notorious Barbenheimer pitted two attractive actors against each other (Gosling in Barbie and Blunt in Oppenheimer). But here, action, comedy, and a love story unfold. Moreover, we are just out of Dune-mania and stepping into the world of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga; thus, Jody's directorial debut Metalstorm gives major vibes of the amalgamation of both.

The meta-moments don't stop there! Winston Duke plays Dan Tucker, a stunt coordinator who, in any situation, mouths dialogue from the iconic action films, and Seavers has to guess it. At one point in time, I was waiting for him to say "Yibambe" from Black Panther as he played the role of M'Baku. 

When it comes to the murder mystery part, it gives a glimpse into how deepfake is so dangerous that it can break the person brutally to another level. The makers have introduced an important concept that warrants further exploration in today's times.

However, when it comes to action, when it's just props and hand-to-hand combat, there's only visual enjoyment. Similar to Bullet Train, Leich skillfully directs the action set pieces, incorporating numerous dialogues that seamlessly blend in, resulting in thrilling, hilarious, and enjoyable sequences.

Talking about the performances, there's not a single actor who doesn't shine throughout the film. Starting with Gosling, it's difficult to remove the Ken-effect from him, as it has become ingrained in him, not that I'm complaining. However, the actor consistently conveys that the role of stuntman is essential yet often underappreciated, a fact that even inspires Oscar jokes. This year, stunt coordinators did receive a tribute at the prestigious event. Coming back to Gosling, his romantic comedy era hopefully never fizzles out and just gets better, like how he aces the snapback look.

Blunt herself has been a part of action movies, cranking it up a notch with her portrayal as an action filmmaker as well as someone who performs stunts that look like one-take shots. The actor is a treat to watch with her emotional backing role as a lost lover, a woman who is acing the world where female directors are a rarity and waiting to get their due.

Hannah Waddingham's casting deserves a lot of applause. Well, if it weren't for Ted Lasso, the brilliant actor's performance in The Fall Guy would not come as a surprise at all. The actor, with her vintage pinstriped Gucci look and oversized spectacles, slays a producer for whom money and success are everything. She talks about the survival of women in man's world, and you believe it, but not at the cost; she is ready to pay for it. Mind-blowing performance, indeed!

After watching Bullet Train and witnessing Aaron Taylor-Johnson play Tom Ryder, a renowned action star, you will come to believe that no one could have successfully portrayed such a manic superstar. The actor portrays that childish and narcissistic star who lives in a delusional world and leaves an impressive mark. 

Take a chance, go for The Fall Guy, and be ready to fall for the behind-the-scenes world of action. Also, be ready to fall in love with Gosling all over again after nearly a year since Barbie's release.

The Fall Guy verdict:

An exciting ode to Hollywood's unsung heroes, The Fall Guy pulls off the impossible with its daring blend of romance, comedy, and action. Thanks to Ryan Gosling's magnetic comedy return and Emily Blunt's electric performance, this film is more of a triumph and a spectacular visual backflip that deserves attention.

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