The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light movie review: Fails to match up to standards of the franchise
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The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light movie review: Fails to match up to standards of the franchise

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light fails to stay to the benchmark set by its own franchise.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 04, 2021
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The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light.


Meliodas aka Captain of a group named The Seven Deadly Sins fights to lift off the curse placed on him and his fairy lover Elizabeth. Meliodas, the Demon King's son, has been granted eternal life while Elizabeth has been cursed with reincarnation and certain death every time she remembers her past life. After killing the Demon King, The Seven Deadly Sins (currently five - Meliodas, Ban, King, Diane and Gowther) have to face the wrath of Elizabeth's mother, the Supreme Deity, who is not happy with the imbalance caused in nature after the Demon King's demise.


After The Seven Deadly Sins episodes come to an end, the last film, Cursed by Light, brings a nostalgic feel to it. It introduces every main character in the story for one last time. Surprisingly, Escanor, who is no longer a part of the franchise, is also introduced.

The movie begins with a massive attack. The animation is on point, although the camera angles are a bit disturbing.

Indura, the monster of the highest order, as always, comes back to the story, only to die soon after.

The story continues after Meliodas and Elizabeth defeated the Demon King but before they became a real family.

Zeldris is as embarrassed and filled with pride as always. Meliodas, Elizabeth and Gelda, on the other hand, leave no stone unturned in pulling his leg.

Meliodas and Zeldris' brotherhood is sugge (awesome). Like many BFFs, the two look at each other with a fighting spirit but end up playing rock paper scissors. This scene is a flashback of Might Guy and Hatake Kakashi from Naruto.

The introductions go on and on. The movie takes so much time to get into the story, it becomes boring at one point. After 20 minutes of introducing the characters, the movie begins.

The story is about King and Diane's wedding. Gowther is adorable yet cunning as always.

While Diane and King's moments are heartwarming since they finally get their dream wedding, Ban and Elaine also steal the show.

The Captain of Scraps Disposal aka piggie Hawk is back with his kind heart and OTT self-love. Originally named Mild, he has an equally crazy brother named Wild. The latter comes as a pleasant surprise in the movie since he proves to be a reflection of 'Master' Hawk.

The fairy and giant demons start attacking the Holy Knight and The Seven Deadly Sins for stopping the Holy War. The Holy War, which took place after 3,000 years, was resolved by killing the Demon King which has affected the balance of nature. Thus, the fairy and giant demons were created to test the subjects who could be the next Demon King. It is to be noted that Meliodas and Zeldris have already rejected the throne.

We then meet the second fairy Dahila and the master craftsman of the Giants, Dubs. The two make a dead serious appearance, which is required from their character.

While King has the Chastefol, Dahila has Darrenheart, which is also known as the 'spirit spear'. Like you would have guessed, he isn't good news. Dubs, on the other hand, is nothing like any giant the franchise has introduced so far. He is far more skilled than anybody from the clan.

The best part about the film comes when a usually cold Zeldris acknowledges King as the strongest fairy to survive in their world.

It is through this film that we get to see vampire Gelda's supernatural powers for the first time. Of course, she had used some magic to rid her lover Zeldris from the Demon King previously but we never really got to see her in full-fledged action. The same happens in the final movie of the franchise.

The Holy Knights, including Gilthunder (Gil), also find their superhero moments in the film.

The drama continues. While the two villains become more deadly, The Seven Deadly Sins (currently 5-6) aka Meliodas, Ban, Diane, King, Gowther and sometimes, Merlin, keep showing their compassion.

The music for this film is dramatic but still, enhances the scene, much like most anime films. The movie more or less follows the plotline of the last episode of The Seven Deadly Sins. There is very little action and more drama or romance in this movie which gets boring after a point in time. The fights, even though visually appealing, are so predictable that fans of the franchise will not be particularly gripped to watch what happens.

While Escanor is missing in action this time, Mael takes his place from time to time.

The Supreme Deity also makes her appearance for the first time in the film. While we do not get to see her appearance per se, she is a slow poison that people better stay away from.

Ban comes late to the party but like expected from his character, it is the life of the party, here, the ultimate fight. The 'every character gets a dialogue in the situation' scenario continues with the film. While it tries to be grand, the scene only leaves a mediocre impact.

Ban, Diane and King's banters continue in the movie and the scenes, even amid serious moments, are sure to make you laugh. That element is the beauty of The Seven Deadly Sins and is thankfully repeated in the film too.

The fight, as expected, is quite grand. It is filled with emotions and action, which is a trademark of the franchise. The music, which is also the theme song of The Seven Deadly Sins, takes the scene to a whole new level!

Some sounds in the film are unnecessary and overly dramatic for no good reason.

The movie ends on a scary note. Of course, it involves Merlin, who has switched sides from The Seven Deady Sins to someone adamant about causing 'chaos' in the world through King Arthur. The series will explore this angle, most likely with the new generation also joining in to take the story forward.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light has a few moments but overall, is a mediocre product. The franchise has set a standard for itself that the movie could meet only halfway through.

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