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The Ultimatum: Queer Love review: A painful but satisfying journey to love

Nothing is as it seems and at times, the cameras are too much to handle

The Ultimatum: Queer Love review: A painful but satisfying journey to love
The Ultimatum.

Last Updated: 09.36 PM, Jun 08, 2023



One partner is ready for marriage and the other isn’t. These lesbians (some non-binary) have to explore themselves to know if they are ready for a wedding.


Many dating reality shows have focused on the traditional couples. During such a time, comes one that normalizes queer love. This is The Ultimatum: Queer Love.

The concept of this show is about lesbians (some, non-binary) who are out to figure if they want to marry the love of their life. Thus, they enter the show will the one they have set their heart on. Will they tie the knot though? That is the big question which runs on your mind till the very last frame.

The first couple, Vanessa and Xander, soon turn the most controversial. They both love unconditionally but their ways of loving people are extremely different. What does this mean for them? Figure out.

Mal and Yoly are one of the more underrated couples. Of them, Mal grows through the journey. She has been very clear about what she wants in life and that reflects with every scene she’s a part of.

It is not limited to that. Her real side also comes out on the show (what did you expect, spending more than a month?) and that makes her more beautiful and radiant.

Lexi and Ray become the centre of the show in a way that they probably did not want. There’s an incident or many involving them that is not pleasant. Can they still work things through? You need to watch out till the last slide to know the whole truth.

Mildred and Tiff are one of the couples who have their extreme highs and lows on the show. Everything, right up till the end, is either too happy or too sad when it comes to them.

Aussie and Sam are one couple who almost get each other. While not perfect, they definitely are beautiful together. Will they end up together? One can only hope. Do they win hearts eventually? Definite yes!


This is one show that tests everyone. You come on the show to break up with your long-time partner, date someone else at random for a month and decide who do you want to marry. Talk about complicated!

During the time, one couple falls in love. That makes the situation very dicey for the previous and current partners.

As you progress, you realize that Vanessa is the drama and not everyone is in on it. She speaks her mind but not everybody can love her. This season, she is the villain and gracefully so.

On the other hand, there’s little to no grace when it comes to another couple. All the cards are on the table during the reunion episode and oh boy, does it stir up so many pots!

In order to steer people away from the drama for a bit, the makers also shift their focus from humans to locations. Smart or tactical? We call the latter, but not the right timing!


This journey to The Ultimatum: Queer Love is one rollercoaster ride. The ones who gave the ultimatum, are uncertain now. The ones who weren’t sure, got certain and a few are left confused. This makes the series interesting (if the drama wasn’t enough and oh, that is there till the very end). Nonetheless, the end is slightly satisfying for those who believe in loving oneself before anything.


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