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This World Can't Tear Me Down review: Welcome to Italy’s version of South Park

There’s a constant play on the Nazi culture in Europe through the series, which is inspired from the comic book of the same name

This World Can't Tear Me Down review: Welcome to Italy’s version of South Park
This World Can't Tear Me Down

Last Updated: 02.35 PM, Feb 26, 2024



Zerocalcare was caught up in the middle of a riot. A rich kid has been beaten up. Zero is awaiting his interrogation when you understand how did he end up in the police interrogation room.


Based on an Italian comic, Questo Mondo Non Mi Rendera Cattivo (The World Can't Tear Me Down), the series is a sure hit with those who look for dark humour in everything. The World Can't Tear Me Down, which released on Netflix in India, is, in a sense, Italy’s version of South Park. There’s a lot of references that could be humiliating to some and funny to others. One very prominent one is the Nazi culture and whether it still exists.

The introduction music to the show is pure rock. If that gets you going, you'll fall in love with the show even before it begins.

The fast-paced story also gets you going. If that wasn't enough, the premise is about prisoners who have just entered prison.


Secco is introduced with our lead, Zerocalcare, for a reason you do not understand in the first frame. He is a character who is uninterested in the world. However, there’s one thing he does constantly which makes you realize why he becomes pivotal to our lead hero.

The show takes a big dig on the 80s culture. The dark humour continues and goes on to parenting and family. If that is your thing, you are in for a treat.

The animation isn't the best out there and the story isn't novel either. Despite all that, you find yourself curious to know how did Zerocalcare end up in prison.

The jokes do not always land but the execution sure is fairly good. It is almost like watching a series of mean jokes.

Cesare plays a major role in the series and in Zero's life. He is the Batman to Jim Gordon (here, Zero). The thing is, Batman functioned without Jim too. Was it the same, that’s what you ask with this series as well.

Popeye becomes a part of the series at an unexpected time. However, given the tone of the show, this is no surprise.

The music on the show perfectly fits every scenario. It makes this one a good watch.

The end of the show, much like its comic, just brings hope for something new. However, it might just end at that. You never know. Nonetheless, you will survive whether knowing more or just the show ending at that.


The Zerocalcare directorial will attract many opinions from everyone. However, there’s one big mandate with this show – watch it only if you can stand dark humour.


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