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Timepass 3 review: Prathamesh Parab's film is partly entertaining

While many things about the movie are offensive, it also has some good moments.

Timepass 3 review: Prathamesh Parab's film is partly entertaining
Timepass 3.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 07.42 AM, Sep 18, 2022



Dagdu is still not over Prajakta when he somehow enters college and meets Palvi. This time, she falls in love with him. However, the Dagdu she fell in love with is now lost. Will they ever reconcile? Will he get his life back together? Find out.


Timepass 3 is truly back as Dagdu (Prathamesh Parab) and his miserable life are back. There's a surprise in store for those who have followed the franchise.

The only problem with Timepass is that the franchise was introduced in a different time. Back then, it was cute and funny to see Maharashtrians talk in broken and absolutely wrong English. Today, it is slightly more offensive and isn't that funny.

The movie also retains its bodyshaming tactics. You see Dagdu calling his friend a fatso. Nonetheless, these friends are fun. They tease each other (even if in a little offensive ways) but constantly stand up for one another, which is what true friendship means.

The best part about Dagdu has always been his innocence. Thankfully, that has been intact even in the third installment of Timepass.

Aarti Wadagbalkar as Manda and Bhau Kadam as Appa perform their roles well. Kadam, especially, is a treat to watch in almost every scene of the film. Whether in silence or scared, this actor always brings more to his character.

Hruta Durgule's entry as Palvi Dinkar Patil is just perfect. She is trained in action and knows how to give it back. When you get to know her backstory, it starts to make sense.

Sanjay Narvekar as her father is superb. He in unpredictable but that's the best part.

How Palvi's story connects with the original characters is interesting and hilarious at the same time.

Vaibhav Mangale as Prajakta's father Madhav Lele is back and he is as Shakaal as ever. This supervillain in the story plays his part pretty well. Never once do you see him falter.

The film has some super adorable moments. Manmeet Pem's Balbharti proposing to Ankita Phaltankar's Chandramukhi has to especially be a high point in the movie.

Another aspect of this film that is unappealing are the songs which are just dance numbers. They barely do anything to take the story forward. In fact, in a few, the women are even objectified.

If you think this movie was missing action, even that happens in the last half an hour. Dagdu is back in his 'angry young man' Amitabh Bachchan form after being Amol Palekar for too long.

A reformed Dagdu by the end of the movie is exactly what this film needed. The end of Timepass 3 fills you with hope and promises more chaos in Dagdu's life.


In trying to keep the flavour of the franchise alive, Timepass 3 has become a little offensive and too old for the jokes. Barring those scenes, the movie is a ride which hopes to entertain you. It is only but a good effort today.