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Too Hot To Handle: Germany review: The softened and biased Lana makes this show ‘too hard to handle’

Wrong show! You are probably in Parties in Paradise but most definitely not on Too Hot To Handle, Lana!

Too Hot To Handle: Germany review: The softened and biased Lana makes this show ‘too hard to handle’
Too Hot To Handle: Germany.

Last Updated: 02.36 PM, Mar 06, 2023



Various boys and girls come to a retreat to learn about their selves and what they want from their partner. Will their desires get the better of them?


If you were wondering that Too Hot To Handle and Germany are a bad combo, think again. Lana proves why they aren't. That is till she becomes too hard to handle.

Emely is the first contestant and she is considered the hottest in the house.

Dennis finds no one which gets upsetting for everyone in the retreat. Hurting Lana, he ends up being the real badass of the show.

Anna is the black horse. She is picked last but has tricks up her sleeve.

Onyi is yet to find her match and she's not even looking for one. That’s not entirely true because she is on the show but can Onyi find her the one? Find out.

Kevin is the typical football player. He has a charm to himself.

Laura is not your typical girl. She has a shy personality but not really.

Fabio, who has roots in Italy, is just charming. That is till he shows a side he could just not get rid of. Disappointing!

Akka definitely knows what he wants and goes right for it. He turns the accountant and rather spy 00Akka for the money the show offers. Akka is also the only one, apart from Onyi and Laura, to not be in a relationship.

Tobias is the shy type but not so much that he doesn't make the first move. He is the surprise package on the show.

Stella comes as a surprise. She cannot keep hands to herself at any given point of time and is on Too Hot To Handle.


With this bunch, shots are fired and they get ugly pretty soon. It's not only because many broke the rule instantly but also because partners are stolen without any inhibitions.

Kevin and of course, Stella, are the first targets. They help lose the most money and it's not even day one!

After much waiting, Lana introduces her first workshop - restraint. Can these people learn though? Wait for it.

Everybody here talks about well-behaved but is anyone really that? Definitely not!

Tobi goes on a date and Stella's reaction to that is epic. Emely and Oliver's date is sure to turn the game around as much.

This time, Lana introduces two new guests Sophie and Oliver only as magnets for the chicks and dudes. That can either be scripted or you picked up straight creeps off the streets.

Like always, things change after a party. Great work when it comes to monotony.

Unfortunately, Lana has gone soft with the contestants this time. There's no punishment and people behave the way they like in her retreat but she takes no action against it. Instead, she encourages the behaviour within a time limit. Dennis leaving the show early on definitely looks like a smart move right about now.

Tensions arise and only because of one person and his confusion. This comes as a surprise but not so much, given his creepy nature before the incident.

The thing is, he doesn't even make many efforts to show what he feels like and so, there's no surprise there with him. However, Lana has a surprise in store and it's not pleasant.

To boost the mood, Lana plans a new party. Of course, everything was scripted to introduce new guests to the retreat but not without another surprise.

Samira goes on a date with Kevin. Marco goes on a date with Stella. Paddy goes on a date with the remaining girls, Anna, Laura, Onyi, Sophie and Emely.

Did we mention that Stella is a troublemaker? That continues even now. How long will it last though? That is interesting to watch.

Kemely do it again! They happen to be the one to break rules despite the previous punishment. What will Lana do? Give them another chance, that's all she can do!

The boys cannot think about anything but getting physical. Thankfully, there’s a workshop for that. Will it help though? Tough luck, it looks like.

Akki’s reaction to ice bath is absolutely what the men are feeling. Thankfully, the boys do get something to take back.

The policeman, Akka, tries to negotiate with Lana for the green light once he gets his dream girl. Lana’s response to the same is expected but surprising, since she even took the initiative to talk to a contestant.

There is another party. This one speaks comfort. However, there’s some discomfort, right when you least expect it.

Of course, Kemely is rewarded with the private suite, again! Need more proof that Lana has softened up?

Their confrontation with the past, though, is very matured and beautiful. Kemely are nonetheless the only couple focused upon, on the show. We wonder why Lana doesn't care about other couples like them?

The flirting between Stella and Tobi doesn't stop, making them one of the best couples in the retreat. Their tremendous growth on the show definitely deserves to be lauded, don't you agree, Lana?

Nobody in this retreat could have worse luck than Anna. She got the same behaviour, from two boys!

Of course, Kemely are made to go ahead in the game. Thankfully, Stella and Tobias also get to climb the ladder. Somehow, even Anna gets to be a finalist. The winner is definitely not a surprise. It’s almost as if Lana had it all pre-planned.


Lana brought boys and girls on the retreat to show them what men and women look like. Losing her own purpose, she roots for a couple on the show and gives them as many opportunities as they want. If you were looking to come to Too Hot To Handle, this is not it!


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