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Too Hot To Handle Season 3 review: Give us USD 100,000 for watching this show, Lana

Too Hot To Handle season 3 is only worth it for giving the world something as genuine as Harry and Beaux.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 09.20 AM, Jan 22, 2022

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 review: Give us USD 100,000 for watching this show, Lana
Too Hot To Handle 3.


Male and female models are kept under the same roof under the pretext of them being on Pleasure Island. Soon, they are revealed to be on Too Hot To Handle where any kind of intimacy is forbidden. A rule break costs them from the prize money of USD 100,000. Will they form a genuine connection and win the prize money?


Too Hot To Handle is back and like always, the show revs up the excitement by introducing the sizzling hot male and female models. This time too, they all came to the show under the assumption that they are on Pleasure Island.

It is always interesting to see how do theybehave till Lana cockblocks them (and even after). Seeing the self-obsessed models flaunt just how they use people, to seeing them actually fall for someone, is a journey in itself.

This time too, there is a guy who is too weird for the girls' taste. He comes in the form of Jason Momoa lookalike Patrick, from Hawaii. Stevan, on the other hand, fills in the bracket of a playboy who is in-your-face. Thus, them bonding is quite hilarious and interesting. The bond indeed turns into something interesting.

The group this time doesn't take even 10 minutes to break the rule. This is a new record, even when compared to Too Hot To Handle Brazil.

The love triangle and love squares in the show are 'too much to handle'. It invokes a lot of drama and mind games.

Izzy breaks two rules back-to-back. Soon, Georgia also follows suit. The housemates just do not learn and on the second day itself, they do not take the ban seriously, causing some real trouble.

The cheesy pick-up lines, especially from Patrick, are sure to make you cry while cringing. Lying is second nature to men here and thus, when you see them trying to show they are 'true', it is nothing but just a laughing matter.

For the first time in the history of the show, the contestants lose double the money for their acts. This makes the show much more interesting.

After a point, the series becomes monotonous with no twists or surprises coming your way. It makes this season a yawn.

The series finally gains momentum after the paint workshop. It is fun to see how everybody (almost everyone) is in sync.

A couple finds a loophole for the first time on the show. Not sure whether it is the COVID effect but literally everyone tries to find a loophole in reality shows and that trick is getting too old and irritating now.

Another couple you do not expect would last for long, actually surprise you, for they form a genuine connection on the show, at least according to Lana. It is a beautiful moment since they did not come in-the-face at any given point on the show.

The makers constantly make a new move when the last one gets messed up. The covering up does not help the show one bit and it keeps getting boring to watch the fancy people with their fancy accents brag about something while putting others down.

At one point, you wonder whether it is Too Hot To Handle or Splitsvilla, for a catfight moment seems forced into the show. The show goes down to being overly-dramatic and horny which is a big turn-off.

For the first time in the whole franchise, the contestants are at the rock bottom. They lost 200,000 USD and were playing for 0 USD at one point in the game. Of course a lot of drama follows post the announcement.

Patrick's journey from the weird creepy guy to the matured person from the lot is one of the best things about the series. A huge surprise is in store right after, one nobody would see coming.

A millionaire's way of 'accessing emotions' is sure not going to relate to any middle class person. One model actually gets to yell in private on a deserted island. That is nothing but a dream for every frustrated person.

As the series comes to an end, you just find Too Hot To Handle becoming robotic. The fact that these horny millionaires get so many opportunities is just too disappointing. What was the point of the reality show if you have to keep redeeming those who are beyond help?


Lana has been too lenient with the group this time around. The whole concept has also become robotic and predictable. The contestants cannot keep their hands to themselves, they cause trouble for everyone in the group, some retreat activities change their mindset and then, a genuine couple forms. It has been the format with every season and this one just follows suit. The fact that Lana gave an opportunity to hopeless people just makes the show our drag. Please pay us up instead, Lana!