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Vaalvi review: Swwapnil Joshi-Subodh Bhave’s film gives you something to stay hooked on to and then leaves you shocked!

Vaalvi is a film made very rarely and so, you should cherish it as an entertainer.

Vaalvi review: Swwapnil Joshi-Subodh Bhave’s film gives you something to stay hooked on to and then leaves you shocked!
Vaalvi poster

Last Updated: 09.28 PM, Feb 25, 2023



Aniket wants his wife Anita dead. She is a already someone with emotional imbalance and he is in love with someone else – Devika. Can he execute his plan successfully or will it lead to more surprises?


When you have the talents of Swwapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave in a movie, expect some content there. Vaalvi offers you exactly that. You have a story that leaves you entertained and at the same time, curious.

Vaalvi has an interesting start. It leaves you curious with the clock ticking and the chandeliers moving. Of course, the most interesting parts of the trailer is here. It gets even more intriguing since there’s a twist.

Swwapnil Joshi is fab in his role of Aniket, as always. In the role of a criminal, he has the character to the bits.

Shivani Surve as Dr. Devika is an angel in the mask of the devil. Actually, it can also be vice-versa some times.

Anita Date as Avani is a surprise. She behaves like a psycho pretty well but actually isn’t. She is caught up in the web of lies life, especially her husband has to offer.

The story gets interesting with every passing scene. You are constantly intrigued to know what happened and how did the events unfold.

Anita makes the scenes pretty interesting. Of course, Swwapnil being there helps.

After a point, the film goes on in a loop. That is exactly when Aniket surprises you. The music sure helps his character.

Like you would have expected, things don’t go as expected with the plan. At all. That makes the show interesting to watch.

A twist, in fact, leaves your stomach in knots. That is when there’s a new entry and newer suspense unfolds.

Subodh Bhave’s entry into the film is sure to leave you with many questions. In the role of Anshuman, he is the other half of Avani.

Subodh and Swwapnil coming together was meant to be and is the highlight of the film. The serious topic turns into comedy instantly ever since. Every actor unintentionally turns funny.

The problem with this movie is that it gets into arguments over making the scenes more intriguing. After one point, everything appears to be a stretch. That is till another twist comes and leaves you at the edge of your seat. There is just no going back after that.

The last scene in the film fits perfectly. It is three vs three and just when you think what’s next, you will be left shocked. That’s an impact a movie should have on you. There’s another element, which can be considered horror, in this scene. Nonetheless, it definitely is one hell of an ending!


Director Paresh Mokashi has done a great job in Vaalvi. Even though the movie starts slow and tends to repeat at many places, you can watch it through the end and definitely watch the ending. Vaalvi is a good watch.

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