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Vyooham Review - Intriguing plot and solid performances overshadowed by pacing flaws

Vyooham is the latest Telugu web series on Amazon Prime Video. Sai Sushanth Reddy and Krishna Chaitanya play the lead roles in director Sashikanth Srivaishnav Peesapati's cop drama.

Vyooham Review - Intriguing plot and solid performances overshadowed by pacing flaws

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Last Updated: 06.36 PM, Dec 14, 2023


Vyooham Story

Michel (Chaitanya Krishna) and his pregnant wife, Jessie (Pavani Gangireddy), get injured in a road accident. Sadly, Jessie loses her baby and Michel approaches the cops and files a case stating that a series of weird and planned events were behind the accident. The case is handed over to an IPS officer, Arjun Ramachandran (Sai Sudhanth Reddy). As the series moves forward, new characters emerge and new crimes are unearthed. Who are the people behind this accident? And how does Arjun Ramachandran solve the case? That forms the rest of the story.

Vyooham Review

Vyooham is produced by the prestigious Annapurna Studios and has some popular faces in key roles. The cop drama is directed by Sashikanth Srivaishnav Peesapati and he has also penned the story for the eight-episode series that can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Vyooham, as the title suggests,at is about a small accident that looks simple at the outset but has complex layers of crime behind it.

The first impression one gets after watching the series is that there is too much deviation in the plot. There is so much content to handle for the audience and one needs a lot of patience to sit through the eight-episode series, as a few episodes are lengthy and confusing. 

Vyooham cast
Vyooham cast

The series starts on a very interesting note, as the first two episodes superbly set the tone of the investigation. But once that happens, director Sashikanth brings in so many subplots that they bore the audience. Multiple characters, a web of crime, and unnecessary scenes drag the show on and on.

There are not many thrilling moments in the series that keep you hooked to your seats. The way the twists are unleashed in the last two episodes makes a lot of sense but to understand the whole plot, one needs to sit through the lethargic mid-episodes. 

One of the drawbacks of the show is that there is no need to have so many subplots in the story. These subplots only drag out the show and even confuse the narrative. If the web series had been narrated in seven episodes and in a crisp manner, the output would have been a lot better.

Vyooham star cast
Vyooham star cast

But the way the story is ended through Krishna Chaitanya's character looks very good. Every bad act will have a tragic end and that is showcased on a very sensible note by the director. The detailing that went into the investigation is neatly showcased. Adding to it, the impressive performances by the lead cast are amazing. 

Krishna Chaitanya has become a pro at playing complex characters and is amazing in Vyooham. His character has multiple arcs and the young actor showcased varied emotions superbly. Bigg Boss fame Shwetha Varma has a decent role in the series. Preethi Asrani is also okay in her limited role. Sye fame Sashankh is effective in his cameo.

Sai Sushanth Reddy gets a total makeover and plays a cop in Vyooham. Be it his body language or dialogue delivery, he has aced it as the young cop. The actor did a good job showcasing the subtleties of his character. Pavani Gangireddy has a small role and she is decent. But it is Krishna Chaitanya and Sai Sushanth Reddy who steal the show.


Vyooham has great production values, as the visuals look gritty and the cop setup and crime angle are well showcased by the amazing camerawork. The music by Sriram Maddury is good but the BGM should have been even better in some key twist-revealing and investigation scenes. The editing is disappointing, as there are many scenes that should have been chopped. Scenes related to the terrorist setup should have been dropped.

Director Sashikanth had a decent story but the subplots of terrorism, the hero's mother's murder, and the drug addict angle take the series in a direction that is hard to sit through. In a way, one gets the feeling that too much content is also not advisable, as the majority of good scenes and emotions are overpowered by the scenes that are dragged and placed for no reason and Vyoosham suffers from its plot point and execution.

Vyooham Verdict

On the whole, Vyooham has an interesting storyline that catches your attention in the first two episodes. But the uninteresting subplots, dragged scenes, and too much complexity in narration in a few episodes make the show dull in several episodes. Though the series is worth giving a shot, one needs to have a lot of patience to sit through it.


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