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Wedding Season Season 1 review: Mad fun for a show that is all about the big vows

Wedding Season is mad fun—mad, fun; read that again. 

Wedding Season Season 1 review: Mad fun for a show that is all about the big vows
A still from the show
  • Pallabi Dey Purkayastha

Last Updated: 10.45 AM, Sep 12, 2022


STORY: This cross-genre original series has a lot going on all at once, and warn you beforehand: some may find themselves pulling their hair out because of the sheer anxiety of its characters, others, pretty sure, will find this very chaos satisfying.

REVIEW: First things first—Stefan (Gavin Drea), in true-blue jilted lover-esque fashion that is template narration in Bollywood, crashes Hugo Delaney (George Webster) and Katie's (Rosa Salazar) wedding because he has been having an affair with the bride-to-be for three months now. Where did they meet? Uninspiringly, at another wedding. 

And a whole segement on poison consumption-by-accident later, Stefan finds himself being grilled by policemen at an interrogation room. This is why the blue-eyed pushover (you will see how) was planted at the wedding, interupting unceremoniously, right at the begginning; now a prime suspect, along with an absconding Katie, for the murder of her man Hugo and seven of his kin during the morning of the wedding, while eating breakfast, I think?

To sum up Wedding Season Season 1, the word 'chaos' does not cut it. Not even close. 

The flashbacks peel more of Katie's cult-leaderish persona; add sadistic madness to the grind please, and you see why she was accused of what she was accused of. To heighten the audience's excitement around these potential Bonnie and Clyde copycats, but from 2022, we have this uneventful, wild travelogue of these two freaks passing through parts of UK and the US to get their names cleared. Puff... as if just being a wackjob and a spineless pile-on wasn't enough. No points for guessing which one is who. 

Well, the actors do what they have been asked to do: logical or otherwise. So, by some logic, a manic hippie-hopeful such as Katie always needs to be charming in the movies (and shows, apparently), so Rosa Salazar gives you just that. And we get it, the men are mostly second fiddle to her load and garrish persona; so they hang in there like two tall tress. Good, but ignored. 

Don't get me wrong, Wedding Season Season 1 is not essentially a bad (long; eight-part) series, it's just that there is a visual diarrhea of genres and subgenres oozing out of the creators creative bank all at once. Thus, neither the dark comedy appeals to wedding cynics, nor does Katie being an anti-thesis to the Flower Child bunch amount to anything: bottomline is one is a loony-toons and the other a leech. Also, we have crime drama and thriller, and comedy and self-discovery, and a travel show... seriously, it is never a good idea to produce cross-genre content at a discounted price, ever. 

Wedding Season is mad fun—mad, fun; read that again.