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Welcome to Eden review: This Spanish series is not novel but still pretty interesting

Welcome To Eden is Squid Games meets Orange Is The New Black. Nonetheless, this Spanish series makes for an interesting watch from the first frame to last.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 06.01 PM, May 08, 2022

Welcome to Eden review: This Spanish series is not novel but still pretty interesting
Welcome To Eden.


A group of dissatisfied humans get selected for a free party on an island. However, since everything has a cost, this one has too. While some pay less, others pay a huge sum and the island dictates their fate. Will these group of people ever be able to escape?


Spanish shows are known for their unique content. Although Welcome To Eden has something to offer, it is not novel. However, that does not mean that the series is not intriguing. You are in fact likely to be stuck to your screens, trying to figure where this show is going and what will happen next.

Welcome To Eden begins with the epic - human lost on an island. The mystery instantly develops and you know that there's a story coming your way that might just blow your mind.

This is the story of Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and what happened to her that she got lost on an island, all by herself. Soon, you get to know that the story runs much deeper than what is on the surface. It shows you the cons of being on social media.

Welcome To Eden is another story that appears to be inspired from Squid Game. It brings together people who do not know each other and lures them into a better life.

As expected, this series shows exactly what is wrong with every character's life, all while keeping the mystery alive. Here though, there's a parallel story running. There's a good guy among the bad and he stirs chaos. His leads the story into what Welcome To Eden really has to offer.

This series has all you can think of - threesome, lust and more. It has extreme worlds and neutral ones too. Every moment in this series raises the suspense and your heartbeat.

Everybody knows paradise isn't real except for the buffoons brought to the island. Anyhow, the story begins and once again, you get the feeling it is about a cult trying to promote their own ideology, which, in a way, it is.

The end of every episode has a hook point and just when you feel like you have the scenario figured out, you realize you haven't even scratched its surface.

Welcome To Eden also has action. It comes late and at a time when you wouldn't expect it to. The slow motion almost helps the scene.

The shows keeps you intrigued from the first scene and before you know it, you will be invested in Welcome To Eden. There are many layers to this series, which makes it all the more interesting.

The end of this series is just as intriguing as the beginning. It is the perfect end, for it is a new beginning, one that could go on in a loop.


This Squid Game-meets-Orange Is The New Black show is something you will want to watch. It is intriguing from the first second and only gets better as every episode comes to an end. There is always something to look forward to and you simply cannot figure out the show till the very last minute. This will keep you hooked to Welcome To Eden but somewhat, it is not completely enough. You will want to know more about what would happen on the show but at least this is a beginning.