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What The Folks Season 4 Episode 1 review: The heartwarming family ride continues to steal hearts of Dice Media stans

The fourth season will also be the final season of Dice Media's What The Folks

  • Megha Mukundan

Last Updated: 12.54 PM, Jan 22, 2022

What The Folks Season 4 Episode 1 review: The heartwarming family ride continues to steal hearts of Dice Media stans


What The Folks web series revolves around the married couple Nikhil (Veer Rajwant Singh) and Anita (Eisha Chopra) and their respective families. The first episode of the season finale picks up the storyline from the end line of the third season. The duo who has decided to adopt a child and finally be parents, could be seen informing the news to Anita’s parents. Though they are sceptical about their reaction, Nikhil breaks the news amidst a family dinner.


The Dice Media stans would definitely love to see Nikhil and Anita navigating their married life. Last three seasons of What The Folks have been a complete heartwarming family experience that anyone would love to watch. The first episode of the season finale has not failed to stay at par with the previous ones.

The story is picked up from where it ended in the last season. Nikhil and Anita who decided to be parents in the last scene of third season, decide to break the news to Anita’s family. The couple is tense since Anita’s dad and mom are a bit uptight.

The series has always managed to pull off excellent sub plots. The first episode thus also deals with Anita’s sister Akshata’s love life, as she decides to take a big step.

Performed by Veer Rajwant Singh and Eisha Chopra, the favourite couple has once again won everyone’s heart and is about to take over until they say goodbye with the finale. The duo has been always getting along on the screen, whether it be in dealing with themselves or their parents. The episode also shares a glimpse of that, which is about to make us witness a major graph change in their lives.

It comes as a surprise for the What The Folks fans that there is a major cast change in the new season. Nitesh Pandey plays the role of Anita's dad this time. The cast change is introduced in a quirky way, as the couple could be seen trying to identify a change in dad’s face, which they finally agree to be a haircut.


The series is once again ready to top everyone’s favourite list, which is evident from the first episode. It is sure to offer a mild and funny watch, which allows us to set off on a journey with a tight-knit loving family.