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Young Sheldon Season 5 Ep 20 review: It's not just Sheldon, no one in Cooper family is good at keeping a secret

Despite trying hard to keep it a secret, Georgie's big news gets out and spreads like a wildfire. And the news spreads due to the Cooper family themselves. Frustrated and finding it hard to keep it a secret, they open up with their friend but all in no vain. 

  • Akhila Damodaran

Last Updated: 10.16 AM, May 07, 2022

Young Sheldon Season 5 Ep 20 review: It's not just Sheldon, no one in Cooper family is good at keeping a secret
A still from Young Sheldon Season 5 Episode 20


Episode 20 of Young Sheldon Season 5, titled, 'Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker' is about the news of Georgie getting an older woman pregnant spreading through town, just before Mary's weekly bible study. And as she feared, nobody turns up.


The new episode takes the story ahead, unlike the experiments that the makers were trying to do earlier by telling different stories in each episode without caring much about the references of Sheldon's life in the parent show, The Big Bang Theory. But they now seems to have decided to take the other route and for good.

It's a known fact that Sheldon Cooper is not very good at keeping a secret. The plotline was explored a lot in the parent show, The Big Bang Theory and now, we know where he gets it from. It's his family. No one in the Cooper family is good at keeping a secret. The word that Georgie is having a baby spreads out like wildfire because of his own family.

Missy's personality is quite interesting. She is someone who people think is too young to handle big news, but she steps up and shares a word of wisdom when everybody else is failing to do so. When Georgie gets upset and goes back to his garage without eating his dinner after realising that the news is already out due to his family members, somebody knocks at his door. And you think it would be either Mary or George Sr but it was actually Missy. That turn of events was quite surprising and she is seen being really matured about this and is seen listening to how he is actually feeling. Amidst all the freaking out and drama, nobody until then had actually cared about how Georgie is feeling or handling the situation. Georgie too is seen taking charge and trying to convince Mandy to get to talk to him and let him be a part of it is sad but refreshing.

The story in the episode also explores the growing bond between Mary and Pastor Rob. Not long ago did Mary have a fantasy dream about the young pastor. Mary opens up to Rob and tells him about Georgie and gets convinced that she should not worry about what people would think, the exact advice that George Sr gives her. When George had told her not to worry about other people, she dismisses his advice saying, it's a small town and so, everything is everybody's business. And when George Sr learns that she has come to accept it after talking to Rob, he gets even more pissed as he suspects something is going on between them since he has also seen them hanging out by themselves one night. Things are falling apart in their marriage and it is only to be seen how much can they pretend everything is fine in front of their children before it turns ugly.

The episode ends with Mary calling Pastor Rob saying she has something to talk about. She takes him again in confidence when she sees that nobody turns up for the Bible study at her place and her fear of being turned back at by her congregation is coming true.


The latest episode takes the story ahead and makes for an interesting watch.

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