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Taj Mahal 1989
Show . Drama . Romance
On . Netflix
Starring . Neeraj Kabi, Sheeba Chaddha, Geetanjali Kulkarni
Taj Mahal 1989 is an Indian comedy drama romance web series consisting of seven episodes. Set in a Lucknow, 19 depicts love in its purest form. Taj Mahal 1989 follows the intersecting lives of a Lucknow University professor couple, their students, a long lost friend and his lover, and a schoolgirl in love with an older boy. It is beautifully depicted how love brews between all these couples handling different problems at different ages. This series takes you on a ride of nostalgia and shows this generation that love was pure before the internet came into our lives and replaced love with relationships. Later on, the series drives you through the topics such as minor politics, human trafficking, the middle-class society, domestic violence, society on divorce and prostitution, you name it and Taj Mahal 1989b shows you all. Episodes EPISODE 1 Lucknow university professors Sarita and Akhtar are a married couple who are always bickering. Rashmi and Dharam, the university power couple are best friends with Angad who doesn’t believe in love. Dharam’s uncle Sudhakar always tries to bring him and Angad on the right path. Schoolgirl Sunaina is secretly dating Shalin, a young man from Bombay. The lives of these people intersect with each other when Akhtar runs into his school friend Sudhakar and his partner Mumtaz. EPISODE 2 Akhtar invites Sudhakar and Mumtaz over for dinner at his place which upsets Sarita. Meanwhile Rashmi isn’t talking to Angad as he refuses to perform in her play. Angad celebrated his birthday at his friend Shontu’s farmhouse and promised to help him impress Mamta. On the other hand, Akhtar reluctantly agrees to watch a movie with Sarita where he brings Sudhakar along with him which deepens the crack in their marriage. EPISODE 3 Sarita meets her friend and talks about the life of a divorced woman in society. Dharam gets in touch with local goon, Babbu bhaiya in greed of power who asks him to take part in university elections from their party. This strains his relationship with Rashmi. Meanwhile Akhtar comes to know about Sarita’s decision and he drops by at Sudhakar's place. Akhtar gets drunk due to anger and an emotional Sudhakar reveals his relationship with Mumtaz. EPISODE 4 Shontu succeeds in impressing Mamta who registers his name for the presidential candidate from her communist party in the elections. On the other hand, Angad rethinks his decision of helping Shontu as sparks fly between Angad and Mamta while a debate was going on. Mumtaz is humiliated publicly and Sudhakar comforts her. Akhtar and Sarita get into a heated argument. EPISODE 5 Shontu is kidnapped, resulting in a panic in the University. Therefore, Mamta steps up for the elections. Seeing this, DHaram comes to threaten her along with some goons. Saita and Akhtar decide to finalize their divorce after coming back from Agra. Sudhakar rushes to the hospital to look at an injured Mumtaz and decide about their future. EPISODE 6 Dharam’s greed for power strains his relationship with Rashmi and he also angers Babbu Bhaiya. To regain his trust, Dharam helps Sunaina to run away with Shalin. At the same time, Rashmi falls in love with Angad and decides to confess. Sarita and Akhtar spend some quality time in Agra but divorce is still in the court. Sudhakar and Mumtaz move to Barabanki to start over but Mumtaz’s past haunts her. EPISODE 7 Everyone’s life intersects in Agra. The Agra railway station as well as police station witnesses a show. Some couples come together whereas some have to move in different directions. But meanwhile, life goes on and love keeps blooming.
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