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Ramachandra Boss and Co review: Nivin Pauly’s film unlocks the winning potential of humour, but not heist

Ramachandra Boss and Co benefits a lot from Vinay Forrt’s character, who sometimes overshadow Nivin Pauly’s; but the makers are self-aware and use this as part of the story too

Sanjith Sidhardhan
Aug 25, 2023
Ramachandra Boss and Co review: Nivin Pauly’s film unlocks the winning potential of humour, but not heist

A still from Ramachandra Boss & Co

Ramachandra Boss & Co

Story: Four people, each needing money quickly, are recruited by Ramachandra Boss to help him steal a valuable painting from a sociopath millionaire in the United Arab Emirates. Their leader’s reason for the heist further bonds the motley crew. But will they stick to the ‘high risk, high reward’ plan when it’s random and could also lead to them losing their lives?

Review: There aren’t too many heist films that have worked in Malayalam cinema; that’s also the reason the genre is almost always, even in cases of successful films such as Sapthamasree Thaskaraha, have been approached with the safety net of humour. Director Haneef Adeni, who had worked as part of the production company of the Anil Radhakrishnan Menon feature and is known for helming films such as The Great Father and Mikhael, seems to have learned from these experiences, while writing and directing his latest feature Ramachandra Boss and Co, because it’s the humour that works in the movie, even when the heist seems silly.

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Make no mistake, the movie, which has Nivin Pauly, Jaffer Idukki, Vinay Forrt and Mamitha Baiju in pivotal roles, is a fun ride when it doesn’t take itself seriously – which is most often the case. Even when the villain, a caricaturish sociopath millionaire named Amar, screams from the top of his lungs every time the robbers outsmart him, there’s a goon who says something funny, which reminds the audience of the goofy approach of its makers. This makes the film a welcome break from the other Onam releases – that are heavy on action.

The first half of the movie has Haneef quickly introducing the members of the motley crew of Ramachandra Boss; and it’s done swiftly and with humour. Vinay Forrt’s character Shailesh, Ramachandra’s sidekick, is also shaped as the guide for these new recruits and he effortlessly steals the show with his one-liners and repartees. In fact, the movie benefits a lot from Vinay's character, who sometimes overshadows the protagonist; and the makers are self-aware and use this as part of the story too.

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Nivin, whose last comedy outing was probably Love Action Drama, if we discount Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham, shows why this is a genre that he can seamlessly fit into and evoke laughs with his natural body language. Jaffer Idukki is also surprisingly good in his comedic role, always on the edge as his character Siddique. Both Mamitha Baiju and Aarsha Chandini Baiju, however, don’t get much to do in the film.

This is because, when it comes to the heist movies, each character has a pivotal role to play in the plan falling into place. In Ramachandra Boss & Co, it’s just the leader asking each of them to do what has been planned – and most of them seemed random. It’s like the second half of the film, where the team tries to steal a painting, had elements borrowed from several other movies. It lacked flow and didn’t throw up any clever surprises – a must for films of this genre.

The climax of the movie is also its weakest, with an action scene thrown in and a convenient explanation given rather than putting some thought of coming up with an effective heist plan that would also hook the audience.

Ramachandra Boss & Co benefits from some great comic timing from its actors and also stylish frames. But you wish the film also had a good heist to back up its humour elements, to truly accomplish its winning potential.

Verdict: Nivin Pauly’s movie succeeds on the back of some great comedic timing by its actors. This makes it different from the other two Onam releases – King of Kotha and RDX – that are packed with action. Though it doesn’t get the heist part right, the humour scores.

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