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After Premalu, Bramayugam and Manjummel Boys, is Malayalam cinema ready to level up?

With the massive successes of Premalu, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys, Malayalam cinema has clearly pushed both its creative and commercial boundaries to a big extent.

After Premalu, Bramayugam and Manjummel Boys, is Malayalam cinema ready to level up?
Premalu, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys hit the theatres in February 2024

Last Updated: 10.22 PM, Mar 01, 2024


Malayalam cinema has been having a dream run at the theatres since February 2024, with back-to-back blockbusters, Premalu, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys. The industry had a great start with the excellent box office performances of films like Abraham Ozler and Anweshippin Kandethum. However, it is the Girish AD directorial, which stars young actors Naslen K Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju in the lead roles, which emerged as the first true blue blockbuster of 2024.

It was followed by the massive success of Rahul Sadasivan’s experimental black-and-white film Bramayugam, which features veteran actor Mammootty in the lead role. Later, Manjummel Boys, the Chidambaram directorial that features a stellar cast, was released and soon emerged as the third blockbuster of the year. Well, a celebration of cinema like this, where all genres are equally loved by the audiences, is indeed a rare sight to witness.


Malayalam cinema steps to the next level with Premalu, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys?

The massive successes of three consecutive releases, which are drastically different films, say so much about the Malayalam cinema audience and their evolved mindset. Malayalam industry is indeed blessed to have a large section of the audience who just want to enjoy good cinema, irrespective of the genre or star cast. The way viewers across the world accepted a relatively smaller film like Premalu, purely experimental Bramayugam, and a multi-starrer like Manjummel Boys which has no big names in its cast, hints that more exciting times are on the cards for the industry. 

Malayalam cinema creating magic outside Kerala

Both Premalu and Manjummel Boys, have been receiving immense love from the audiences, from both the other Indian states, and are on their way to join the mighty Rs. 100 crore club. Bramayugam, on the other hand, has heavily impressed cine-goers across the globe and created quite a few new records at the box office, especially outside India. The Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada versions of the Mammootty starrer hit the big screens soon after the release of the Malayalam version. The Girish AD directorial and Chidambaram’s survival thriller are also set to get dubbed in other languages, soon.

The excellent responses to the recent Malayalam release from other language audiences suggest that cine-goers across the globe are indeed ready to accept well-made Malayalam films. Even though the industry has always produced quality cinema, commercial success was out of its reach. But, with the mega success of Premalu, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys, the industry has indeed pushed its commercial boundaries. The increasing demand for Malayalam films in other states and countries, and the growing screen count underlines the same.

What is next for Malayalam cinema?

It is now safe to say that the industry has now grown enough to experiment with its content, without worrying about commercial limitations. If a film is made well, the audiences are indeed ready to welcome it wholeheartedly irrespective of its genre. The massive successes of Premalu, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys have indeed made the industry more fearless. With more exciting projects including Aadujeevitham, Varshangalkku Shesham, Aavesham, and others gearing up for their releases, the Malayalam cinema is all set to have a bright year ahead.