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As the race for Thalapathy 69 is on, who will be that one director Vijay will pick up to direct?

With Vijay announcing his political ambitions and Thalapathy 69 expected to be his last film, we look at the possibilities of who will direct him

As the race for Thalapathy 69 is on, who will be that one director Vijay will pick up to direct?
Vijay is reportedly planning to covert his fans club Vijay Makkal Iyakkam, into a political party

Last Updated: 03.20 PM, Feb 07, 2024


It might be a few days since actor Vijay announced his political ambitions and launched his party Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam, but has the fever ever died down for our stars? And in this case, while potential political players may want to keep a close eye on Vijay’s plan of action ahead, a simple scroll on any social media platform would show the number of speculations on what would be the last film Vijay would act. While Vijay has revealed that he will be wrapping up his film commitments before delving into full-fledged political career, one question looms over like a Damocles sword, who will be teaming up to helm the film? Whose voice will Vijay take up to talk to his audience onscreen? Whose sense and sensibilities will Vijay read into to make that one last time fans scream “Thalapathy” as the FDFS maniac continues, and more importantly, who is that one director’s whose that one strong philosophy and belief will Vijay want his fans to know?

While nothing much is concrete or official on who say action and cut to Vijay in his final outing, tentatively titled Thalapathy 69, social media speculates three directors, who have given industry hits and worked to establish a name for themselves, Vetri Maaran, Karthik Subbaraj and H Vinoth. It is more than interesting to know how each of them hail from different school of thought, have given a distinct variety of films, and moreover, have not worked with Vijay before.

An asuran of sorts?

It will be quite interesting to note how Vetri Maaran, who has proved himself to be a worthy contender, has been one of the few Tamil directors who has carved a niche in giving both commercial successes, and critically acclaimed ones. Known to adapt stories from literary works, and voice out societal injustice and grave oppression on the suppressed, it would indeed be more than just interesting to know the kind of film he might direct Vijay, especially at the juncture where the actor is all set to capture the hearts of people through ballot boxes. Vetri Maaran, who is currently working on Viduthalai 2, has not yet officially announced his next project, apart from Vaadi Vaasal with Suriya. Given that the film is slowing at a snail’s pace, it wouldn’t turn out to be a surprise if the director chooses not to lose an opportunity to work with Vijay. In fact, how many of us are tempted to watch the real life Vetri Maaran collaborating with the mersal of Vetris and Maarans to do a film that talks about justice, equality and revolution, very much of all that Vijay’s political statement is laced it.

A wacky politics?

Likewise the aforementioned pair, is another director Karthik Subbaraj, who too, has his brand of politics and style he carries through his filmmaking. It is no secret that Karthik, who is a fanboy of Rajinikanth, is a pro when it comes to mixing commerciality of cinema, with a tinge of dark comedy, and subtle nuances to hit the right chord. If his latest Jigarthdanda DoubleX became an industry hit, and at the same time spoke the politics of it loud and clear, it comes as a no shocker if Vijay indeed pairs up with Karthik. With the filmmaker’s wacky screenplay and Vijay’s knack for humble humour, Thalapathy 69 indeed can prove to be one of those films in the actor’s career which upheld the fact that Vijay is ready to experiment. If playing a grey-shaded Leo and coming under the star-studded LCU was one, if Vijay could team up with Telugu director Vamshi Paidipally and do a simple family entertainer, and pair up with quirky Venkat Prabhu and cook something out of the box with the upcoming GOAT-Greatest of All Time, then Karthik Subbaraj and Vijay sambhavam should be right up to our alley.

A systematic voice

And what would be more than just interesting and packed with punch, if Vijay chooses H Vinoth, who made hattrick films with Ajith Kumar (Nerkonda Paarvai, Valimai and Thunivu), now directors Vijay in his last outing. How much ever it puts an interesting spin to the Thala vs Thalapathy debate, let’s not deprive Vinoth of his noteworthy films. Known to have his subject matters that takes a looming societal issue, commonly a systematic, organised crime, that haunts people at large, Vinoth could make Vijay speak more than just mass dialogues and stunts, and instead talk to the audience on what change he really wants to make.

And besides all these, while we nail-bitingly await on whom Vijay is going to choose, let’s not forget the Tamil industry has the likes of Ranjith, Gautham Menon, Mari Selvaraj, Ameer, Mani Ratnam, Bala, among others with whom Vijay is yet to work. On the other hand are Nelson Dilipkumar, Lokesh Kanagaraj, Atlee, AR Murugadoss, and others who have worked with Vijay and is no less than a treat of they pair up once again. So, until Thalapathy 69 is officially on and Vijay reveals to us who is going to wield the megaphone of his film sets, the guessing game continues.