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As Undekhi 3 hits Sony LIV, best episodes from the last season for your revision

Undekhi season 3 drops on Sony LIV today and we thought of giving you some revision. 

As Undekhi 3 hits Sony LIV, best episodes from the last season for your revision
Best Episodes From Undekhi Season 1 and 2

Last Updated: 09.07 PM, May 10, 2024


The streaming platforms in India have been busy providing us with content ranging from love to action to crime to thrillers and everything in between. In the time when they were just blooming and Netflix and Amazon Prime Video were the leading ones dominating the scene in India, there came a silent player that brought some of the most nuanced shows that not only entertained the audience but also left them asking for more. We're talking about Sony LIV, the platform that is still niche but has rarely invested in mediocre projects. One such project, apart from Scam 1992, that made a massive buzz for the streamer was the widely popular and loved "Undekhi." The show, helmed by Rajat Kapoor, turned out to be a success and quickly had a second season commissioned and made. 

But we have moved much ahead, and now we stand on the day that the third season drops. Yes, in case you weren't in sync with the news, today, May 10, is when "Undekhi" season 3 has dropped on Sony LIV. You can watch all the episodes with your OTTplay Premium subscription too. Marinated in family politics, the Atwal family is confronting their own post in their home. As the revelations progress and graves are dug, old cans of worms open, and secrets are unearthed. The game of murders begins with each connected to the other, and the investigation takes center stage.


Starring Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma, Aanchal G Singh, Ankur Rathee, Ayn Zoya, Shivangi Singh, Vaarun Bhagat, and Varun Badola, the show is now in its third season. We thought of recommending you the five best episodes from the first two seasons to give you a sort of revision before you binge-watch the new ones.

Best Episodes From Seasons 1 & 2:

1. For Cash Only

- Season 1, Episode 3

   So the environment is already intense, and Ghosh is interrogating Saloni and the team to Rinku’s distress and finds differences in their stories. The interrogation is staged so well while the wedding festivities continue in the background that you will be left with no option but to be glued to your chair until the very end of the episode.

2. Double Shuffle

- Season 1, Episode 4

   The story from the third continues, and the writing continues to be equally gripping because the story gets even more complex beyond this. There is a chase, someone planting evidence, and a whole lot of plotting in the background. We see Rishi, Loyal, and Praful give Ghosh and others a tough chase as they are trying to track them in the jungle. Meanwhile, Saloni reveals the murder and their difficult situation. And to give this all a massive twist, Rinku plots a plan and frames Rishi as the killer.

3. Wedding Bells Make a Loud Sound

- Season 2, Episode 5

   Season 2 of "Undekhi" came with a whole lot of plotting and planning because things were being hidden and discovered in every corner of this settlement. It was in the fifth episode of the second season where Rinku discovered who is behind the missing truck while getting married to Muskaan. Daman and Teji, in the meanwhile, reunite with their old friends trying to outdo Rinku.

4. Is This For Real?

- Season 1, Episode 2

   This is where it all begins. While everyone is busy looking for a breakthrough outside the confines, Rishi discovers a horrific truth in the digital house next to the resort. Saloni tries hard to get him focused on the work, but Rinku and the cousins are into Rishi.

5. Needle in a Haystack

- Season 2, Episode 2

   Ghosh and Teji have always been people who wanted to bring the Atwals down. In a moment where they have the chance, Ghosh gives Teji a hint that can fulfill their dream. Lucky between all this is stuck in a problem when his target elopes and manages to escape. What will he do now?

All episodes of "Undekhi" are now streaming on Sony LIV, and you can binge-watch them with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.