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Berlin 2 confirmed! 5 things the Netflix show should focus on to become a worthy Money Heist successor

Berlin Season 1 was underwhelming to the core and that did affect the entire product; so here’s what we think the season 2 deserves to have.

Berlin 2 confirmed! 5 things the Netflix show should focus on to become a worthy Money Heist successor
Berlin Season 2

Last Updated: 06.33 PM, Feb 20, 2024


By the end of last year, all the fans who were hooked to Netflix were up for a surprise as the streamer announced and released the spin-off to one of their crown jewel shows , Money Heist. Berlin, released on the streaming platform and hit the streaming records very soon. It was given that the season one of the prequel to Money Heist, which is all set to focus on one of the most mysterious characters, will create streaming records. The streaming giant has now decided to give you another season for the show and turns out Berlin has been renewed for a season two. But was the first season actually so worthy to have a second season?

Well, it is quite debatable. Berlin did come with the charm of its leading man who could convince anyone in the world to do the most random thing just with a smile and a wink. The show did show the persona that impressed us all through Money Heist and also kind of focused on the reason why he is so averse to love. But what the show did focus on is making it a standalone show that doesn’t have to necessarily scream Money Heist from every corner of its very existence. And that is where everything went wrong for the first season. So yes, according to me and many like me, this wasn’t a worthy contender to have a second season. But the bosses at Netflix might have seen some merit to give it a round two.

So as Berlin now moves to season 2 and the makers are probably busy shaping the show as we speak, here is a list of five things that they need to focus on to make the season 2 a shining horse that re-establishes the faith and is a worthy contender to take the legacy of Money Heist ahead.


If there is one thing that Berlin deserves to be a show we enjoy completely is Berlin. Confused why I say this? Look at the season one carefully, Berlin has been missing for the most part of it from the heist. While there is enough of him falling for one character but nothing of him was seen in the “heist” which made the heist that happened look like a cake walk and nothing really created any impact. The show needs to have its central character in the center and that is one thing that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

A Unique Voice

When a show is based on Berlin before the events of Professor going for the big heist, you would expect it to be more than just a look-alike of Money Heist. While there were decent thrills and jump scares in Berlin, the show never really presented a very unique voice, it rather came across as a rehash of the formula that is already a hit and a wrapped-up show. The season 2 needs to find a voice that makes it a standalone idea and not just a rehash of a popular show. Every IP must have their soul that is distinct even if it is coming as a successor to something that is already massive.

The Heist

It felt like the Heist went missing from a Money Heist spin-off when Berlin ended because the main conflict, the big heist was given so much build-up only to lead to a heist that was so lukewarm and failed to create any impact. The season two needs to have a heist that manages to capture our attention in a new way.


More Than Just Sexual Tension

The show did move away from Berlin to other characters on the list and it was appreciated, but what it did with them is just build sexual tension of different degrees between them. What we would rather appreciate is the show exploring their lives in a more engrossed manner that is not just looking at them falling for someone or running away. Berlin season 2 should focus on building all these interesting people in a way that they come to the forefront.

A Complex Narrative

Money Heist worked because it gave detailed space to each character and them led to an endgame where their lines crossed and a complex narrative was laid. Berlin failed to do that in the first season and it can be easily avoided in the second season. Makers need to give more importance to adding complex arcs to this world

There is no release date attached to Berlin season 2. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.