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Breathless, Water Mafia, and more - Documentaries on DocuBay that you must not miss

DocuBay is a platform that is a treasure trove for all documentary lovers. Here are recommendations for some of the best titles on the OTT platform.

Breathless, Water Mafia, and more - Documentaries on DocuBay that you must not miss
Documentaries To Watch On DocuBay

Last Updated: 02.09 PM, Apr 20, 2024


Cinema reflects life, and life reflects cinema. The connection is so strong and unbreakable that the two ecosystems are interdependent on each other and will continue to be forever. A documentary is a form of filmmaking that stands right between this connection and where the two things meet. It is a genre that is not only a film but also real life and one that is a direct reflection of it. There is no pre-written script to it, and there are no actors involved. Everything is real and affects a real conflict, a person, or a situation. They tell our history, preserve it, and remind us of what we have been through and what might come. And DocuBay is a platform that has several documentaries from across the world.

And it has several different kinds. There is one that decodes who Princess Diana was, one about AI, and one on Adolf Hitler. So DocuBay indeed has a library that is worth exploring. And we are here to make that easy for you. In the coming days, we will recommend documentaries from the vast library of DocuBay every week. The platform is available on the OTTplay app, and you can access the documentaries with a subscription of OTTplay Premium.

So let's look at three documentaries on varied subjects, two of which were released this year and are not just streamed by DocuBay but even backed by the streamer. Read on to learn everything about the same below.

3 Interesting Documentaries On DocuBay

Going Poly: Love Beyond Monogamy (2024)


Director: Arpita De.

Can one person fall in love with multiple people? Will society accept them? Is having multiple partners by preference cheating? Going Poly, a documentary that hit DocuBay this Valentine's Day (the right choice of the day considering the subject), explores those questions responsibly. With Going Poly, Arpita De is herself understanding the concept if you look at how she builds it closely, which turns out to be a good layer because you aren't directly learning from an expert, but even the maker is learning with you. Going Poly is a very important documentary for today's time, where relationships, sexuality, and gender identity are discussions that are important and sensitive.

Water Mafia (2024)

Director: Naman Govil.

Water is life, yes, but can you think of an underground syndicate that earns money out of smuggling and hoarding water? A water mafia? This syndicate is rampant in Mumbai and Delhi and filmmaker Naman Govil's documentary, Water Mafia, feels like a sting operation for the most part of it. What triggers this mafia, what gives them such a big upper hand—everything is explored and you will be shocked to see his findings. You will need to be reminded that this is fact and not fiction.

Breathless (2018)

Director: Daniel Lambo.

When tragedy shakes you to the core, you either succumb and give up or you take a camera and try to dissect what led to hell breaking loose on you. Daniel Lambo did the latter, and the result is Breathless. Breathless is a personal documentary because what happened before the cameras rolled on is haunting. The filmmaker lost his father and many neighbours to a man-made disaster that was seeping into their neighbourhood, like a ghost that could possess anything at any moment. Breathless is an investigative documentary that should be seen by all of us to have a close look at what is present around us and whether it has the tendency to kill us.

All three documentaries are now streaming on DocuBay. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more such recommendations and everything else from the world of streaming and films.