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Class on Netflix: Here are four reasons why you can't miss the Indian adaptation of Elite

Netflix is premiering Class on February 3, 2023.

Class on Netflix: Here are four reasons why you can't miss the Indian adaptation of Elite
A still from Class on Netflix

Last Updated: 02.02 PM, Jan 28, 2023


When kids from the other side of town start going to the elite Hampton International School, friendships end, relationships get tense, and tension rises. This Class, which is a sight for sore eyes, is prepared to interrupt assembly while it is in progress.

In this video, which introduces the cast members, Gurfateh Pirzada plays Neeraj; Anjali Sivaraman plays Suhani; Ayesha Kanga plays Yashika; Chayan Chopra plays Dhruv; Chintan Rachchh plays Faruq; Cwaayal Singh plays Balli; Madhyama Segal plays Saba; Moses Koul plays Sharan; Naina Bhan plays Koel; Piyush Khati plays Dheeraj; and Zeyn Shaw plays Veer. If appearances could kill and actions could slay, then this group is doing it perfectly. This video will be played repeatedly until the series airs because of the stylish clothing, attitude, and infectious beat!

Based on the critically acclaimed series Elite, the coming-of-age show produced by Bodhitree Multimedia Limited and Future East and directed by Ashim Ahluwalia is about power, love, and drama, and it has an attractive group of young actors.

Have you seen the trailer for the forthcoming Class drama on Netflix? The following four factors make the show a must-see:

Your week will start off with Class, very literally!

Class has some of the best songs from artists like Prabhdeep, 3BHK, Quest, NDS, and Sammad. These songs set the rhythm for the whole series. Class soundtracks are binge-worthy due to the lyrical allusions to learning and conquering obstacles.

Unusual twists in the plot!

Netflix's Class will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, with friendships on the line, relationships on the verge, and treachery around every corner. Each plot twist is more unexpected than the one before it, leaving you continuously unsure of whom to believe.

A cast that you shouldn't be able to look away from

This class is the best, maybe not in terms of how well they do in school, but there's no doubt about how good they look! Gurfateh Pirzada plays Neeraj, Anjali Sivaraman plays Suhani, Ayesha Kanga plays Yashika, Chayan Chopra plays Dhruv, Chintan Rachchh plays Faruq, Cwaayal Singh plays Balli, Madhyama Segal plays Saba, Moses Koul plays Sharan, Naina Bhan plays Koel, Piyush Khati plays Dheeraj, and Zeyn Shaw plays Veer.

Excellent aesthetics!

The fancy settings, beautiful clothes, the hallways of Hampton, and the strobing lights at every party make Class look good.