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Gadhedo on Lionsgate Play - Vikrant Massey's short film inspired by folklore is worth revisiting; here's why...

Gadhedo is a short film inspired by folklore and stars Vikrant Massey, Chandan Roy Sanyal, and Trupti Khamkar.

Gadhedo on Lionsgate Play - Vikrant Massey's short film inspired by folklore is worth revisiting; here's why...
Gadhedo On Lionsgate Play

Last Updated: 06.05 PM, Apr 20, 2024


Gadhedo, meaning donkey in Gujarati, is a word associated with people deemed unintelligent and unable to navigate through life. Over the years, it has become a slur, triggering giggles when associated with individuals. Gadhedo, starring Vikrant Massey and now streaming on Lionsgate Play, is a short film that attempts to draw a distinction between an actual donkey and a person who behaves like the pejorative term coined by society.

Gadhedo Plot, Cast, OTT Platform

A mystic man addressed as Maatsa (likely a gibberish for Master Sa) informs his landlord, Goru Dhobi, that he possesses the ability to transform donkeys into humans. Goru, who owns a donkey, willingly gives it to Maatsa, unaware that Maatsa is actually turning a human into a donkey—Goru himself. What follows is alarming and entertaining.

Gadhedo stars Vikrant Massey as Goru Dhobi, Trupti Khamkar as his wife, and Chandan Roy Sanyal as Maatsa. The short film, produced by Large Short Films, is now streaming on Lionsgate Play, joining a diverse array of content from around the globe. The streamer is also set to release The Beekeeper in India.


Analysis of Gadhedo

The short film delivers a message about the importance of education and why one should not aspire to be like the ignorant characters portrayed. The teacher, introduced as a lazy individual, attempts to educate students who are more interested in other distractions than paying attention. Directed by Jai Sharma, the film juxtaposes the present behavior of these children with their future, represented by the easily manipulated Goru Dhobi.

Gadhedo is inspired by folklore depicting easily fooled individuals and the exploitation they endure. The on-screen translation is simple yet effective, skillfully delivering twists and turns while adding visual humour. Trupti Khamkar's silent performance is hilariously expressive, while Vikrant Massey and Chandan Roy Sanyal deliver pitch-perfect portrayals of their characters.

The short film cleverly underscores the importance of education, critical thinking, and cautious decision-making. It is a finely crafted piece of cinema deserving discussion and celebration. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more recommendations like this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.