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Latest OTT releases: From Mr. And Mrs. Smith to Miss Perfect - Top web series to watch this weekend

Get ready to dive into documentaries, dramas, and more with these must-watch releases of the week that includes Nascar: Full Speed, Miss Perfect, and more. 

Latest OTT releases: From Mr. And Mrs. Smith to Miss Perfect - Top web series to watch this weekend
Top OTT Releases

Last Updated: 04.50 PM, Feb 01, 2024


As February's first weekend draws near, be ready to enjoy all the incredible entertainment available on OTT platforms that you may watch with your loved ones, friends, or partner. There's enough to please everyone on a variety of streaming devices. We've chosen the best ones for you to watch, so grab a tub of popcorn and get started.  

Nascar: Full Speed on Netflix


Nascar: Full Speed is a show that revolves around 2023 NASCAR Cup playoffs and chanpionship race. It pits drivers against each other to battle for the most prized title in motorsport. This sport series explores physical and psychological struggles as well as the emotional side of various drivers. 

Why should you watch it: The show offers an unmatched look at the high stakes and high speeds of one of the most famous events in racing. If you are a fan of car racing, then this should be on your list.

Miss Perfect on Disney+ Hotstar

A management consultant's life during the COVID-19 pandemic takes a sharp turn when she becomes entangled in a game that has stolen her identity. What she does after this is an interesting story to watch. 

Why should you watch it: This series will be entertaining to watch if you want to try out regional shows.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Prime Video

Mr. and Mrs. Smith revolves around two lonely strangers Jane, played by Maya Erskine and John, played by Donal d Glover. They are hired by a spy organization which gives them an amazing life. In return, all they have to do is play the part of a married couple and go on risky and dangerous missions. However, things get complicated when the two start generating genuine emotions for each other. 

Why should you watch it: Watch the interesting lives of John and Jane that is filled with action, humor, and drama and get entertained this weekend.

Baby Bandito on Netflix

Baby Bandito is a drama show that centers around Chile Kevin Tapis who is a skater. Known as "Il Baby Bandito" in Europe, the narrative centers on him and his group as they plot the largest-ever theft in Chilean history.

Why should you watch it: This thrilling show reconstructs the actual incident that took place in 2014 at Santiago, Chile's International Airport, slicing through the genres of action, crime, and heist.