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Mirzapur 3 is probably around the corner; Yogya to Bhaymukt – 6 episodes that define the Amazon Prime Video show

Mirzapur season 3 is probably releasing in March this year if the rumours are to go by, lets do a detailed revision. 

Mirzapur 3 is probably around the corner; Yogya to Bhaymukt – 6 episodes that define the Amazon Prime Video show
Mirzapur Best Episodes

Last Updated: 10.14 PM, Feb 07, 2024


If there is one show that has managed to keep us all waiting for the past three years and the buzz has not faded even a bit in those three years is Mirzapur season 3. The show that technically formed the foundation of the OTT space in India in its budding years here, the Amazon Prime Video original has created a fan base that is massive and is spread across the globe and not just in the country. Mirzapur’s craze has now kept an entire fandom waiting for the third season and that has made us cater to their frenzy in some way or the other. What if there is nothing new to consume, let’s revise before the big day comes.

The biggest twist in the tale most recently was when the scoopers in the rumor realm ended up revealing that season 3 of Mirzapur will release much sooner than any of us were expecting. The report said that the show might end up releasing on Amazon Prime Video in the last week of March 2024. While the studio has yet to confirm the same and hasn’t begun any promotions for the show, we are taking this news with a pinch of salt. But that doesn’t mean we are not excited about this latest ray of hope.

So as we probably inch closer to the release date, we decided to revisit some of the best episodes of the show and kind of have a revision. So below is a list of six episodes that define Mirzapur and are brilliant enough to pump you up for the third season. The list includes three episodes from the first season and three from the second, in order of our preference.


Bhaymukt: Season 2 - Episode 4

Season 2 of Mirzapur was more about the shadows than people. Almost everyone was working in silence with the noise sabotaging the actual plans that each of the main characters were about to execute in the endgame. Bhaymukt was the episode where everything kind of began to blend for the Tripathis and Guddu. Golu was also in the mix transforming herself into a person who she never aspired to be. This episode was actually where it Munna went in a direction that changed many things.

Lions Of Mirzapur: Season 1 – Episode 7

Lions Of Mirzapur will be in all the lists of best episodes no matter what. This is where Guddu and Bablu became the gangsters that their father didn’t want them to become. But this is also the episode that ended giving us the most emotionally gory scene where the compounder was killed by Munna because there was no other way to keep his secret intact. Munna was technically killing his best friend whom he had sent to kill his father Akhandanand Tripathi but failed.

Yogya: Season 1 - Episode 9

This has to be the most chilling piece of content in the Indian digital space and nothing comes close to the gore. This is our Red Wedding and turns out nothing has come close to beating it yet. After Golu’s victory, they all go to Shabnam’s wedding. Akhandanand gives Munna the reigns and tells him to do anything he wants with the Pandit Brothers. Munna goes to Shabnam’s wedding and starts killing people. He kills Sweety who is pregnant, and even before we have processed this, he ends up killing Bablu in the most gruesome way. We will never forget this episode. 

Dhenkul: Season 2 - Episode 1 

Season one ended on high which felt unbeatable and turns out the makers had a graph ready to blend it well in the second season. Kudos to the writing, episode one of season 2 felt like a complete movie in itself. It was technically a graph of the aftermath of the season one finale. Munna had survived but was hallucinating, Akhandanand was worried about Guddu’s absence, and Golu was now a completely changed person. The first episode set the bar very high.

Tandav: Season 1 - Episode 8

This was technically where Akhandanand Tripathi’s first downfall began. Guddu and Bablu had killed an influential man and that had angered Kaleen Bhaiya. Soon the brothers were about to part ways as Bablu wanted to go away from the world of crime. Guddu proposed marriage to Sweety and they even got married soon. And this is also where we saw a young man who wanted to only be a model turn into a criminal. 

King of Mirzapur: Season 2 - Episode 10

The Game Of Thrones began here and we have been waiting for how it unfolds in season three. It is here we realize what Bina Tripathi was up to all this time. While the Tripathis are at the funeral ground and at their weakest, Munna is also trying to take the throne and is now angry with his father. But as Kaleen Bhaiya says he now trusts his younger son Munna wants to kill him. Bina tells Guddu to attack Kaleen and their family as they are now vulnerable. The game begins and we all know how it leaves us all on a cliffhanger.

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