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Single on this Valentine's Day? Get into the realm of these anti-romantic movies from Gone Girl to The Break-Up

Enter the world of anti-Valentine's Day movies with these films on OTT. 

Single on this Valentine's Day? Get into the realm of these anti-romantic movies from Gone Girl to The Break-Up
Gone Girl-The Break-Up

Last Updated: 08.27 PM, Feb 11, 2024


As Valentine's Day is approaching and we are already in the week of love, not everyone is with a partner or maybe doesn't want to be with one. Let us help singles like you escape the 'most romantic day' of the year. On February 14, immerse yourself in the realm of these anti-romantic movies on OTT to protect yourself from the cheesy scenes outdoors.

The Break-Up on Prime Video


In The Break-Up, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston portray a couple who has decided to call it quits. The movie is a great option to commemorate Anti-Valentine's Day, as the title suggests. The story of the movie highlights the difficulties of romantic relationships and draws attention to the fact that people no longer recognize their partners' efforts; instead, they are content to be with them but not to appreciate them.

Her on Prime Video

Spike Jonze's thought-provoking film Her centers on a state-of-the-art examination of love and friendship. The story is about a socially isolated man, played by Joaquin Phoenix who has an odd relationship with an artificial intelligence system. He soon becomes quite attached to the AI and starts to regard him as a woman. The movie takes viewers on an intriguing journey through the modernization of love, showing how individuals are willing to accept a digitalized version of it to satisfy their need for love. You should add this film to your list of anti-Valentine's Day films because it tells a narrative of a non-traditional love affair.

Gone Girl on Netflix

Gone Girl, a psychological thriller that was released in 2014, is still recognized as a classic movie. The same-titled book by Gillian Fynn served as the inspiration for the movie's plot. The story follows the world of Nick's wife (Ben Affleck) and Amy (Rosamund Pike), who encounter terrible consequences. At first, their relationship appears to be cheerful and joyful, but as the horrifying reality begins to surface, things start to go wrong. If you want to feel on the edge of your seat, watch this movie.

Get Out on Prime Video

Another film that is perfect for you all who are not celebrating Valentine's Day is Get Out. This is not your typical love story but a terrifying horror film with a very complex narrative. It starts from a typical Valentine's Day celebration to the part where everything is not quite happy and romantic. The film discourages a positive outlook on romance.

Little Women on Zee5

The timeless classic by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women, is portrayed on screen by the talented Greta Gerwig. The movie focuses on the financial issues that the women of the 19th century faced while also illustrating their sufferings. The story is told through Saoirse Ronan's portrayal of Jo'e. Emma Watson's character Meg is portrayed in another scenario in the movie. The narrative of Amy, played by Florence Pugh, is told in the other portion of the movie. The movie depicts the evolution of emotional relationships.