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Spider-Man 4 chaos to Deadpool 3 wrap up – Marvel Cinematic Universe highlights of the week

Currently, there are several things going on at Marvel Cinematic Universe. We give you a round up of everything that's going on...

Spider-Man 4 chaos to Deadpool 3 wrap up – Marvel Cinematic Universe highlights of the week
Team Deadpool 3 and Spider-Man No Way Home Still

Last Updated: 04.45 PM, Jan 27, 2024


The buzz around the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going two ways at this point. While people are excited for the projects, many are looking forward to seeing if the studio will manage to go back to its lost glory or not with its new approach. Some of the most anticipated movies in the pipeline from both phases 5 and 6 are The Fantastic Four, two Avengers movies, and Deadpool 3, apart from the gazillion shows in the making. As we are right into the weekend, let’s look at all the big updates that have taken place at the Marvel campus this past week.

While Fantastic Four has a very bothersome update, there is chaotic news about Spider-Man 4; Hugh Jackman has dropped a very emotional picture, and there’s more. Read to find out everything about all this and more.

Fantastic Four Rewrite:

This is the most anticipated project and if the last update is to be believed, the studio has locked a cast for the same and is even looking forward to announcing it soon. However, the latest rumour has offered a very worrisome update, as it says that the studio is rewriting the Fantastic Four Reboot script and has even hired a brand new set of writers who have to submit the script in two months at most. At this speed, it doesn’t look like the movie is meeting the deadlines.

Lewis Pullman Is Sentry:

The hunt for Sentry at this moment seems to be never-ending. After Steven Yeun quit and Austin Abrams passed on the role, the makers have now approached Lewis Pullman for the part in Thunderbolts. However, there is no update on whether he is on board or not. However, reports indicate that the studio is planning to go on floors within a month, and with no Sentry replacement in sight, it looks difficult.

Deadpool 3 Team Picture:

The biggest news this week was, of course, Deadpool 3 wrapping up its shoot, as Ryan Reynolds announced the same on his social media front. But what is even more exciting now are the two pictures director Shawn Levy has shared on his Instagram handle. The filmmaker can be seen in the pictures with Ryan and Hugh Jackman, as they are all having a group hug. The heartfelt caption is the cherry on top.

Spider-Man 4 Chaos:

Spider-Man 4 has a whole lot of anticipation attached to it. Look at the success of Spider-Man No Way Home; one can imagine how the studios will want to cash in on the momentum. The report now says that Song wants the fourth part to continue to have Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield play their versions of Spider-Man. However, Marvel Studios wants to make the fourth Spidey film grounded. The chaos is now about who will win.

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