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Squid Game 2 – 5 Fan theories that will leave you scratching your head; Oh ll-nam being Seong Gi-hun’s father to winners turning workers

Squid Game Season 2 first look was revealed recently and here are some fan theories that sound crazy. 

Squid Game 2 – 5 Fan theories that will leave you scratching your head; Oh ll-nam being Seong Gi-hun’s father to winners turning workers
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Last Updated: 08.19 PM, Feb 03, 2024


Netflix this year has a lengthy roster that brings fresh pieces of content from across the globe. Alongside these, there are also numerous new seasons of recurring shows in the pipeline. One of them that has kept the entire world waiting for it is, of course, Squid Game Season 2. The hit show that introduced the world to a completely new, bizarrely haunting but also satisfying concept is coming back with a completely new season, taking the story of the game ahead from where we left off in season one. Two days ago, while announcing the lineup, the streaming platform shared the first look of the same.

The first look has left everyone scratching their heads, as the show is all about what is written between the lines, the big twists, the massive turns, and the complex character graphs. You don’t know what corners hold what kind of surprise. So the past two years since September of 2021 have been about thinking of the possibilities the season 2 might walk towards, and it has been a fun pastime for the fans who are in love with the show.

But some have even gone a step ahead where they have built entire theories about the fan-favorite characters and situations from Squid Game Season 1 and then connected them to how things might unfold in Squid Game Season 2. The internet is flooded with numerous of those, and everyone is curious to know if they turn out to be true. So, let’s list down five of the most fiery theories about the show that will shake the core of Squid Game if they happen to be true.

Seong Gi-hun’s Red Hair Is More Than What Meets The Eyes

We all remember how Seong Gi-hun changed completely over the course of the show. A happy-go-lucky man was suddenly a robot with a blank poker face. The final episode where he won and walked to collect the prize money was where we were slapped with his new reality, and it poked us all. What also poked was his hair, which was now red. While it felt like just a way to show the changed man he is, fans are now speculating that it would mean that he might just become a masked guard and take down the games from the very foundation. Add to this that he was even looking for the core team that is still making the games possible. This is very much possible.

Squid Game 2 Still
Squid Game 2 Still

Oh Il-nam Was Protected

Oh Il-nam is one of the most intriguing characters in the show for various reasons. But many had back in the day complained that the game was very lenient on him more than once, and that was visible. Now a theory suggests that this could very much be a purposely done thing, and we might find out that the Squid Game was always rigged to protect Oh Il-nam. The fact that he is the only main character with no back story and that he is the most enthusiastic for the games that are claiming lives around him while he is the weakest and most vulnerable. The possibility is also that he has actually chosen these games.

Many Deaths Are Foreshadowed

One can easily guess this, but it is the most fascinating theory about the show. If this happens to be true, Squid Game will have a poetic layer. There is a very big possibility that every death in Squid Game could be foreshadowed, as we have seen several characters die a death that they have spoken about in their real lives. It can also be that they were always destined to be in the game, and the organizers have observed them closely to lead them to this fate.

Winners Turn Workers

There is no intro or outro to the game, there is just the game, and that is the only reality in this world. No one knows where people come from, and neither do they know where they go beyond. So there is a high possibility that the workers in the game could be the old winners. The fact that they are all debt-ridden and the cash prize Squid Game gave them is how they aim to pay off the debt. They could also return to earn more, and the masked guards could very much be those winners.

Oh Il-nam Is Seong Gi-hun’s Father

And the most shocking of them all. Oh Il-nam’s participation is the biggest mystery because there are so many confusing things around him and there are too many questions to be answered. But one possibility is also that he could be Seong Gi-hun’s father. Yes, you read that just right. Oh, in many places, has compared Seong to his son. There was even a sequence where a set of a game reminded both of them of the surroundings they grew up in. This cannot be just a coincidence.

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