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Unhinged - Russell Crowe's road-rage thriller makes for a gripping watch, here's why you should stream it right now

Released in 2020, Unhinged shows how a man’s rage can destroy the world and humans. You can watch Unhinged on VROTT and OTTplay Premium

Unhinged - Russell Crowe's road-rage thriller makes for a gripping watch, here's why you should stream it right now

Still from Unhinged

Last Updated: 07.52 PM, Apr 24, 2024


If you are a huge fan of adrenaline-pumping thrillers, then we bet you would definitely love to watch Unhinged. The film depicts man’s dark side of rage, exploring how an insignificant argument can turn into a violent rampage. Russell Crowe delivered a powerful performance as a man, who has some hidden back story. The film showcases how a devastating consequence can lead to destruction.

Crowe is widely known for the action genre mainly. He earned critical acclaim, and his first Oscar for Ridley Scott's epic drama, Gladiator (2000). Unhinged further solidified his reputation as a powerhouse of action thriller.

Watch Russell Crowe and Caren Pistorius-starrer Unhinged only on VROTT and OTTplay Premium at an affordable price.

What is Unhinged about?

Unhinged explores the life of an unstable man who begins to terrorise a common woman named Rachel on the street, after she yells and talks rubbish about him when he refuses to drive his trunk forward even when the signal turns green. Although you would feel like something weird is going on and it's not justifiable, the more the story goes on, the more you will be able to know the hidden meaning. Crowe ends up stealing her phone and kills most of the family. Unhinged was filmed in Kenner and New Orleans in Louisiana.

What is the history of Tom?

In the second half, Unhinged delves into the back story of Tom, who has a history of being abusive and violent. Due to this unacceptable behaviour, he got fired from his long-term job, right before his pension. He also lost his new job a few days back due to the same reason. Although his behaviour can be linked to his unsuccessful marriage, he has been charged for his ex-wife’s murder, and for setting her house on fire.

What is the history of Rachel?

Things are not going well for Rachel either. She's going through a rough patch with her husband and is dealing with a challenging divorce. She has become a single mother now and is bringing up her son alone. She also has an unemployed brother whom she has to take care of as well. She has also lost her job recently. With everything, even Rachel’s mental health is devastated as she's struggling with huge debts.


Dark side of modern society

Both Tom and Rachel’s life experiences show how tough life is in the 21st century. However, the director and screenwriter don't forget to show the personal responsibilities of humans, despite any circumstances. Rachel might be struggling with her life, but she has managed to stay strong and go on fighting for life in this cruel world. She is not frustrated yet to leave her son and brother alone. The film Unhinged gives a simple message that people cannot control how the world treats them, but they can only control their behaviour and work on their anger issues.

Moral of Unhinged

The moral of the story is even if you think someone is weird or their words might hurt you, you should have some empathy towards them and try to understand their situation, even if the person is a total stranger. Although it doesn't mean you should be forgiving or tolerate anyone who is trying to destroy you like the way Tom did, you should not begin yelling or honking at random people.