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Aadujeevitham singer Jithin Raj: Rahman sir asked me what people in my hometown called God, I replied, ‘Periyone’…| Exclusive

In an interview with OTTplay, singer Jithin Raj discusses the feelings that go into this A R Rahman song titled 'Periyone'.

Aadujeevitham singer Jithin Raj: Rahman sir asked me what people in my hometown called God, I replied, ‘Periyone’…| Exclusive
Jithin Raj with A R Rahman during the audio launch of Aadujeevitham

Last Updated: 04.19 PM, Mar 24, 2024


The buzz about Aadujeevitham's release is echoing throughout various film industries. The film's producers organised a grand audio launch in advance of its big screen debut, which increased public excitement. For Jithin Raj, a Malayalam singer who has been in the music industry for a while but is not widely recognised, this occasion signified a fresh start.

In this movie, he has sung ‘Periyone’ in five different languages. Listeners have already praised his voice, saying it adds just the right amount of emotion and pain to the soundtrack. In an interview with OTTplay, Jithin discusses the feelings that go into this A R Rahman song.


How were you approached to sing this soundtrack?

I gave backing vocals and sang for the Malayalam adaptations of Tamil and Hindi films directed by A R Rahman sir. In Ponniyin Selvan-I, I sang the Malayalam rendition of "Chola Chola." At this point, I would like to take Sreeni sir's name. I had the opportunity to meet A R Rahman, sir, when I went to the former to sing a track like that. During this period, Rahman sir and his team were simultaneously searching for a Malayalam singer and working on Aadujeevitham.

I met him, and we had a conversation. He asked me to sing a regional song, and we had a nice conversation. After I sang a Mapila song by K G Yesudas, he inquired about the way people in Malappuram, where I am originally from, usually call God Almighty. I answered, "Periyone." Then he wrote, "Periyone Rahmane, Periyone Rahim," and I was given the opportunity to work on this enormous project. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been selected for this song.

This song holds a very important place in the survival thriller. How did you personally relate to it?

This soundtrack is very special to me. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of such a massive project. It started in 2008, and I can tell how much effort and commitment have gone into this movie. I did not have a chance to speak with Blessy sir very often, but the dedication is clear. So, it is our responsibility to give it our all.

It was explained to me that the backdrop of this song is a man who is alone in the desert, calling out in prayer for assistance. It was requested of me to experience Najeeb's pain. I was asked to bring in more pain after my first performance, and I gave it all I had. The response to the song has me overjoyed. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who offered me this opportunity and to the entire team that worked on this movie.

Did the makers give you a clear explanation of what was happening in this song?

I was unaware of the specific events taking place in this song. I just had a hazy notion based on the background of the book. This is the first book I have finished in a single day, even though I am not a big reader. This narrative entails suffering, hope, and resiliency—something we may not have been able to envision in the first place. That is why I was determined to offer the best version of this song. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Aadujeevitham on March 28 to find out exactly how the song works in the movie.

Did you always have such a strong love for music?

When I was younger, I participated in both a Malayalam and a Tamil reality show. My development of this interest has been aided by my extensive music listening. My love for this art form grew when others complimented me on my singing, and I started to dream of singing in a movie.

I used to ask music directors for chances and write emails to reality shows, hoping for opportunities. I would describe it as a beautiful and slow ascent to the industry rather than a difficult time. Because they have not seen me on screen other than when I participated in reality shows, people frequently assume that I am a newcomer. However, when I name the songs, I have sung, they do recognise me.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am working full-time in the music business. Recently, I have also written the lyrics for a few songs. Simultaneously, composition is also coming about. I recently sang in a Tamil movie for Imman Sir's composition. I will soon be singing in another Tamil project for Vidyasagar sir. I am hoping for more Malayalam opportunities after Aadujeevitham's release.

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