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Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Soundarya Sharma: We have all started watching and ruling over OTT

Soundarya Sharma has been a popular face on OTT before joining Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 16.

Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Soundarya Sharma: We have all started watching and ruling over OTT
Soundarya Sharma (Instagram).

Last Updated: 04.57 PM, Oct 08, 2022


Soundarya Sharma, who has been a popular face on OTT, is now making the noise inside Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 16 house. She caught up with OTTplay just moments before the madness began and spoke about the journey she is planning, why she didn’t wait for Bigg Boss OTT and much more. Excerpts…

Why sign up for Bigg Boss 16 than wait for Bigg Boss OTT? Since you have ruled over OTT since so long...

Not at all. We all have started watching and ruling over OTT, so to say. I’ve done three shows and two of them are waiting for their release. I’m very thrilled.

Why sign up Bigg Boss 16? I think it was my calling. It’s Bigg Boss 16 and I was the chosen one for this. It’s a boon. I want to reach out to everybody’s hearts and I want people to love me more, so why not?

Were you approached for the show previously? If yes, what made you say no back then?

Not in a very legit way. I was reached out before. It just happened this time, in one-go. There was a call, meeting and I agreed and here we are.

Would you say Bigg Boss has helped people's careers? What do you think it would do to yours?

Everything is a step-up to your ladder. I don’t know if Bigg Boss has helped people because we all have a different vision regarding our career. I have a different vision for myself. So, everybody has a different vision. Somebody’s vision could be to just be popular and famous, somebody might think that it might escalate their reach to the audience in terms of acting. So, definitely, it does help but all our perspectives and goals are different.

What do you think about getting into the battlefield with Bigg Boss himself this season?

Oh wow (laughs). This is going to be tricky. As it is I haven’t seen Bigg Boss so it might be something which interests me as well more than the audiences. It sounds amazing and yet, I’m a little scared and nervous too.

Where do you see yourself after the show ends?

Of course at the top. I want to win hearts.

What will we see you do inside Bigg Boss 16 house? Any specific plans?

I’m here to enjoy the journey and just have a good time and be loved by people, to know how people want to criticize you at times. I feel the best thing about actors and especially me is that I put myself out there in the public arena and open myself for criticism. It is also a dimension. So, I definitely see myself at a better pedestal.

Will we see you at the movies soon?

100%. One of my movies is coming out. I have a special appearance in Thank God and there’s another one which awaits shoot once I’m out of the Bigg Boss house.

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